We are all in the search of a perfect replica watch that inspires luxury and elegance so it is only normal to lose our minds when we hear the name  It talks about everything we desire more from a beautiful timepiece: Swiss and Luxury, but does it really have what it takes? Is it all we hope to find from a serious online merchant of replica watches?

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Besides the common aspect of , the merchant seems to actually be a pretty decent source for fake watches. I say this because of its large selection of watch brands. Even though on the top menu bar there are only a couple of designer watches names, on the left side of the page we find a very long list that features all the important brand names. There are at least a couple dozen brands here that wait for you to start looking for a replica watch that will meet your tastes and expectations for fine luxury timepieces.

Here you will find replica watches for any budget. If you are looking for major price discounts then you will probably be very impressed by the $70-$150 price range for the Japanese movement watches. The Swiss watches are a little bit pricey as these start at $170 and go up to $600 depending on the model, materials and functionality of the a certain product.  Each fake product has its own personalized and detailed description page where any potential customer that is interested in buying one of these watches can read all the essential information about the appearance, construction, functionality and authenticity markings of these imitation timepieces. ships packages internationally and the delivery time depends on the destination country. For example, shipping to Europe takes about 5-7 business days while the shipping to USA, Australia, and most countries of South America takes about 10 business days. All packages are shipped with a tracking number. The delivery fee starts at $19.99 and the carriers used to dispatch the orders are EMS, UPS and DHL. The best part is that there is a lost package policy. The lost package policy says that if you do not receive your package in 4 days after it was shipped then they will resend it free of charge.

CONS: is far from my understanding of luxury. The website doesn’t express any refinement, glamour or elegance. It is a plain, whitish and green highlighted online replica store that keeps it as simple as possible. Except the main sliding four banners that are positioned right in the center of the page, there is nothing eye-catching about this place. I honestly, cannot even say that the images from the sliding banner are that impressive or even nice. Out of the thousands of different fake watches merchants we find on the Internet, simply judging by its looks this one doesn’t ring any bells to me. It just isn’t Swiss luxury replica store material!

 As always, I am very pretentions when it comes down to the usability of a website and even though I like the fact that the page has divided its categories into sub-collections, I still dislike very much the fact that you can’t sort or filter the items. Omega Seamaster has about 600 products that need to be browsed page by page while Rolex Daytona includes 1700 items that also need to be viewed page by page.

Both the bottom of the page and the Order Form show Visa, Maestro, Mastercard and American Express as the available credit card payment methods. Unfortunately these worldwide used and very reliable payment options are not available. The only payment method that is supported is Visa, but the problem is that after reviewing and confirming your order, when the payment processing page should load, this payment page does not work. I have tried numerous times to access it, but it wasn’t possible. I was quite disturbed by this and it has raised serious doubts regarding the liability of this replica company.

As we all know, when you order something online there is a high chance to have quality issues. Luckily, with this replica merchant there is a 14 days refund and exchange policy as well as a 180 days repairs warranty. The basics you need to know about its policies are: you must report your problem within the first 14 days from the delivery, all returns are at the customer’s own cost and a $20-$40 restocking fee will be deducted from the refunded amount.  The repairs warranty covers only manufacturing defects that may appear on your watch 180 days after its purchase. Water damages or wear and tear damages are not covered by the guarantee.

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Pictures: The pictures are anything, but good quality or professional. The main problem is that not all the products have the same type of photos. Their quality, the background or lighting varies greatly. It is pretty clear that these images are not from the same source. Most likely, the company does not have its own product photos and it has copied images from different sites in the need of creating the impression that it is a well-established and liable business. Still, how can we really trust that it does have a stock and that it is not a scam when it falsely presents its merchandise? And there is more: the watermark from the images has a different website name and this name is “”.

Customer service: I know how important customer service on the Internet is. It is actually the only guarantee you have for your customer’s satisfaction. If a company doesn’t have a reachable and professional customer service then 70% chances are that your order will be nothing but frustrations and worries. Just think of what will happen if you get a defective item. How will you fix this if you can’t get a hold of the company? For an easy contact the website should be able to provide customer support by phone, email and chat. offers customer care only by email at and by contact form. That doesn’t sound pretty responsive if you ask me.

Summary: At first, seems to be a really great source of variety replica watches, but at a second look you discover all its shortcomings such as product pictures copied from different sources, difficult to contact customer service, and a not-working payment page. On the other hand, its strong sides are: low prices, a 180 days free repairs policy and worldwide delivery.  Putting in balance all these aspects, it still feels highly unsafe to order from this company and I would advise you to buy a replica from this site only if you have strong recommendations for it from a friend who has purchased before.

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