is one of the few websites that has the courage of targeting watch collectors that are ready to spend a little bit more on superior quality replicas. Online stores like this one deserve our full attention and are worth being discovered by truly watch passionate people such as us.


There is something in the design of this site that appeals to my esthetic sense. It is very simplistic and classy. The white, gray, black and red blend perfectly together. Also, the homepage keeps its focus on the important thing: on the products it sells and not on the promotions it runs. Indeed, there is a big slider showing the most important active deals, but it is very decent and elegant.  The top menu shows only seven brands, probably the most popular ones, but after you click on one of them, the page will add a secondary left side menu which includes more brand names.  Everything is kept down to a minimum. This seems very usual to me as most replica sites overdo it in their quest of getting as many sales as possible. is one of the few ones that know when to stop and how to design a decent and classy website.

Most products have a discounted price. This makes you wonder if the discount is real or if it is just an act. The page of each product contains this essential information: international shipping is $28, free worldwide delivery on orders of $99 or more and 20% discount on orders paid with Western Union or bank transfer. Very convincing! What I really like is that it shows how many pieces of a particular model are in stock.  The product description is very specific and detailed stating everything there is to know about each part of the watch, each material, function and weight. There are not that many replica websites that know how to construct such a good description page. offers a 15 days refund policy which does not cover the initial shipping cost and the return shipping expenses.  These are supported by the customer and are not refundable. All these Swiss replicas have a 12 months warranty covering any manufacturer’s defects. The warranty covers the costs of repairing the watch and if the watch can’t be repaired then it will be replaced with a new one. If you ask me these policies seem pretty fair.

The company ships orders worldwide and the delivery takes about 5-10 business days. International shipping is $28 and orders over $99 get free shipping. Packages are shipped with EMS and delivered by the national postal service. A tracking number is provided and a signature is needed for delivery. To avoid customs taxes, all packages are shipped as gifts with a declared value of less than $35.


The payment page is very interesting. The accepted payment methods are Visa, Western Union and Bank Wire. The limit for Visa payments is 850 USD as a security measure, and with Western Union and Bank Wire you get a 20% discount. Now the interesting part: states that any email inquiry regarding payment will be answered in 3 minutes. It is hard to believe that this company is so fast and professional in responding emails, especially when their email account is a Gmail one. So there was nothing else to do but test this overstatement. I simply sent an email and waited. Three minutes later: nothing. Five minutes later, still no email. Obviously, it was a massive exaggeration from their part. No one can offer a 3 minutes email response to all inquiries. It’s easy to make exaggerated statements, keeping your word is the hard part.

Pictures: The products have only 3-4 photos. These images mainly show the dial, band and back side. The quality is very poor and the photos are quite small. You also can not enlarge them. From my point of view, these pictures do not show the important small details you need to see to check out the quality. It doesn’t allow you to get a clear idea of the type of replica you are buying. I just wish the website had better photos for their watches. The good part is that each product has customer reviews in the bottom of the page and this reinforces your confidence in the quality of these replicas.

Domain Registered: USA

Customer service: The only way of contacting the company is by email. There is no contact phone number or a live chat option. Also, the email account is a Gmail one which is very unprofessional and unsecure. I was very shocked to see their statement about the 3 minutes email reply to inquiries regarding payment. Of course, this was tested by me and proven to be totally untrue… as expected.  What I think is terribly funny is their message on the Contact Us page: “We remember about you and we will reply ASAP! Meanwhile, you can order our watches anytime in our shop.” Something like: “don’t worry, give us your money and when we remember about you we will see if we answer or not, ship your order or not”.

Summary: is an online source of Swiss replica watches that seems to have very fair refund and warranty policies, and also very fast and low cost shipping fees. Their online collection is pretty inclusive and features the most popular watch brands. Compared to other replicas websites these products seem to be of very good quality and the company does its best in investing time and resources in presenting its products as accurate as possible.

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