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There is nothing more super than a Swiss replica. These fake watches are the best you can hope to find within this price range and there is nothing on the imitation market that can beat it. Swiss replicas are those authentic looking, accurate and durable knockoffs that are available at a decent price and in so many aspects are as good as the real thing. There is one secret though. The secret is to know where and what to buy. There are so many replica online stores out there and so many types of so called Swiss fake watches that it takes an expert to identity the really good ones. And this is just what you will become today after reading this review, an expert in the art of recognizing a good quality replica watch.

Best Site banner with stars is one of those websites that make bold statements like “The Biggest choice on the web”. I don’t think so. When I first entered this page I was expecting a wide selection of designer replica watches, from Rolex to the less luxurious Tissot. But when I started browsing the site I realized that it only carried Omega fake timepieces. Indeed, there are over 4,000 different Omega models, but this isn’t such a big thing for those who aren’t interested in Omega. Plus, the company doesn’t sell just Swiss watches. Most of these knockoffs are Japanese made.

The webpage doesn’t have such a nice look. It doesn’t have anything eye catching or attractive. It is a simple website with a white and brown color scheme, simple menus, a large banner that does not have anything to do with watches( a woman walking alone on a cold weather) and many sponsored products. There is nothing professional or friendly looking so the page isn’t the type of site that convinces people to stay on the page and shop its products. has two menu bars. There is one in the left side of the page that includes only Omega replica watches organized in two sub-categories- Barcelona, Constellation, De Ville, Seamaster and Speedmaster. There are over 4,000 Omega replica watches on this site, a real heaven for Omega passionate people. On the top side menu bar there are buttons for 2 other brands: Hublot and Bell&Ross. The thing is that when you click them you are redirected to two different online stores, these types of products are not part of the company’s offer.

The merchant carries a very large collection of Omega replicas and the really annoying thing is that there is no advanced search to filter the products by different criteria like movement, price or materials. You just need to go through all the items until you find one that you like. Another issue is with the fact that the company is called and it carries mostly Japanese replicas. It also has Swiss ones, but these seem to be fewer. Also, the prices do not inspire that much trust. The knockoffs equipped with a 25 jewels automatic Swiss movement are about $250-$300 which is very low for such a replica. This suggests poor quality. The Japanese imitations are equipped with a 21 jewels self-winding movement and cost about $100-$200.

The pictures of these replica watches are very worrisome, if you ask me. The company has 4 different type of photos for its products and these are of very poor quality. Some fake timepieces are photographed in a special watch holder, some on a small ivory sculpture and some over a white background. Another problem is that each item has only one main picture. There are no detailed pictures available. This being said, how can you be sure that what is shown in the images is what the company will deliver? Clearly, the photos do not represent the actual products it stocks. These were copied from several different places.

The best way to confirm the quality of a replica watch is to take a couple of pictures of the fake product and compare them with photos of the original watch. This will tell you how accurate the imitation really is. Unfortunately, when comparing the photo of a fake Omega Speedmaster from this website with the genuine thing I realized that it is the same picture. The hands indicate the same markings, the number in the date window is the same and every single inch of this watch is identical. The merchant simply copied the photo from the Omega website and posted it on its replica online store to trick potential customers. Obviously this is a very deceitful practice and I would never recommend that you buy something from such a company. ships packages all around the world without charging a dollar for delivery. The store offers free delivery no matter of your destination country, weight of the package or number of products. The orders are dispatched with regular main and the estimated shipping time is about 14 business days. If you are in a hurry and you prefer to receive the package sooner then it is recommended to ask the e-shop for EMS or DHL delivery even if it means paying extra.

The problem with the payment options is that this company accepts only credit cards which I really do not find as being very reassuring. On this site you only have the option of paying with Visa or Mastercard. Alternative payment options like Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire aren’t available. Another problem is the fact that the page where you are supposed to enter your credit card details isn’t secured. It is a regular webpage that can be hacked by any third party.

Even though on the product page it says that the store offers a 7 days refund policy, there is no detailed information about this money back guarantee. I have searched the entire site and there is no word about the company’s refund, exchange or repairs warranty. From my point of view, all e-shops should clearly state their return policies online so that customers know what their options are if they do not like a product or if they receive a defective item.

I hate it when an online replica watches store claims to have decent customer services and in fact it doesn’t. This is the case with this page. It displays a chat button on the upper side of the screen, but when you click on it, it redirects you on the Contact Us page where there is no Chat option on sight. There you are informed that the only available contact method is by email. As a matter of fact, the company uses a very unprofessional Gmail account. They didn’t even bother to set up a business email address which is more secure and reliable. is the online replica store that carries only Omega fake watches. This e-shop offers a very large collection of Omega products, considerably low prices and free worldwide delivery. At first glance these may seem like pretty convincing arguments for ordering from this place, but there are a couple of things that may discourage you like the product pictures copied from the original websites, the fact that it doesn’t talk about its return and repairs policies, the unsecure credit card page and the absence of professional customer services.

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