Everyone knows that Swiss replica watches are the best knockoffs out there. These are the fakes that we all want to buy. With a high grade Swiss made automatic movement, an almost identical design and the best time span, Swiss imitations are the holy grail of replicas. Of course, not all of them have the same quality. Some are better than others and it is our job to find out which ones. Swisswatchessuk.com is one of the online stores who claim to sell some of the best quality Swiss fake watches. If this is true or not, we will soon find out!

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I always judge an online store by the looks of its website. Most often, this can tell you how professional and trustworthy a merchant really is. Sadly, Swisswatchessuk.com doesn’t look that good and it also has a huge spelling mistake on the homepage. On the top left side of the screen it spells watches incorrectly two times. The first time is “Swiss Wathes” and the second one is “AAA+ Swiss Replica Wacthes Depot”. The design of the page is pretty simple. It has a white and red color scheme, two menu bars- one on top and one in the left side-, a medium size sliding banner and a couple of sponsored products in the lower part of the page. Nothing too fancy!

To start browsing the products, all you need to do is click on one of the buttons from the two menus. The upper one includes just a couple of buttons for the most popular brands while the left one is actually a very long list with all the available brands. The company seems to have a pretty large selection of replicas. Here you can find some of the most important international watches designers. Every brand is organized into sub-categories which are not that wide. They usually include about 10-50 products. To make browsing easier there is also a price filter available.

All the prices are displayed in GBP. Plus, the company does not carry only Swiss replica watches. It also offers Japanese movement fakes. The prices vary accordingly. The more affordable products are the replicas equipped with a 21 jewels Japanese Miyota automatic movement which cost about 70 GBP- 150 GBP. The Swiss fakes are considerably pricier. These cost about 200 GBP- 500 GBP depending on the complexity of the movement, the available functions and the materials used for manufacturing the product.

The product pictures are very good. All the photos posted on this website were taken in the same studio and are incredibly clear and detailed. The image quality is pretty high and you can see all the small particularities of each replica watch. Plus, the knockoffs are photographed from several different angles so you can see the dial, the bezel, the winding crown and buttons, the caseback, bracelet and clasp. Everything is nicely presented so you can see the actual quality of these imitations.

Swisswatchessuk.com accepts only credit card payments which for me it sounds very risky. The website can process only Visa, Mastercard or JCB card types. No other card companies or alternative payment methods are available. Sure, Visa, Mastercard and JCB are very popular online payment options, but the actual problem is that the payment processing page isn’t secured. This means that your card details aren’t protected and any hacker can access them. In such cases, I would rather pay with Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire.

It seems like this replica store offers only one delivery method and this is DHL. Also, the shipping is completely free no matter what the delivery country may be. I find its delivery policy very strange as on the website it says that it takes about 5-15 business days for the package to arrive at the addressee. How is this possible if it is sent with DHL. Usually, DHL deliveries take no more than 5-7 business days. Naturally, a tracking number is supplied for all orders and it takes about 2 business days to have your order ready for dispatch. The only exception is represented by out of stock products in which case it may take longer to have your package shipped.

Swisswatchessuk.com offers a 15 days refund guarantee. All customers who have received a replica watch from this store and are not satisfied with it have maximum 15 days to send it back for a refund. But the thing is that it won’t be a full refund. The company will deduct a 15% restocking fee from the order total and reimburse the rest. Plus, all the return shipping fees must be paid by the customer. On the website, there is no word about an exchange policy or about a free repairs warranty. What happens if the watch breaks after 15 days?

If you were looking for a replica watches online store that offers excellent customer services then you would better continue looking. This company is definitely not the right choice for you. It doesn’t have a clue about what good customer service is all about. You can contact its agents only by using a very unprofessional Gmail account. It does not offer a phone number or a chat service.

Swisswatchessuk.com is an online source of Swiss and Japanese replica watches. The company offers decent prices, a varied collection of knockoffs, very good product pictures, free worldwide delivery and a 15 days refund policy. But not everything is that great when it comes to its services. It takes only credit card payments, the delivery is very slow and the return policy is very costl.

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