Why should a replica watches company complicate its existence by selling countless brands when it could earn so much more by offering only Rolex fakes? Everyone knows that Rolex is one of the best-selling watches brands in the world and it surely doesn’t lack customers, but on the contrary. The majority of people who buy knockoffs are interested in Rolex. Topendmall.com is one of the online stores who understood that focusing on just one watch name means better quality products and services. So if you were looking to buy your next great replica watch then maybe you should check out the bellow review.

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Topendmall.com is a website with a very beautiful, modern and sleek design. Without using any flashy banners or color accents, it manages to impress with a clean layout, black and gray color scheme, simple menu bar and a wide Rolex Sea-Dweller banner. The page is very friendly and easy to use. To start browsing the Rolex replica watches collection you simply click one of the 5 category buttons included in the menu- Daytona, Datejust, Sea Dweller, Submariner and Clock.

The Rolex fake watches are very neatly organized into sub-categories that have the same name as the original products- YachtMaster, DayDate, Explorer, GMT Master II and many others. Each sub-category includes only about 20-40 different items. Still, these are some of the most popular Rolex watches in the world and probably the model which interests you is also included. Just a run a quick search and you’ll see!

The company sells both Swiss and Japanese made replica watches. The price difference is quite large between these two types of qualities. The most affordable ones are obvious the replica watches with a Japanese movement which cost about $100-$200 while the very expensive ones are the Swiss fake watches that are priced at $300-$500. If you are asking why there is such a difference then let me just say that the inside mechanism is the answer. The Swiss one is the best quality movement available on the market. It keeps very accurate time and it is also very durable.

The product pictures appear to be copied from several different sources. I say this because some have a white background; some have a gray one while others have a blue one. Probably, the images are copied from several different suppliers. Furthermore, the name watermarked on these pictures is of a different website- Inwatchsale.com. This is because the company has changed its domain, but didn’t update the pictures. Still, a reputable company should use only its own product pictures, taken in its own studio and of its own replicas.

Topendmall.com offers two types of shipping options and these are- free delivery available for all orders regardless of the destination country and standard delivery which costs $3.99. The strange thing is that for both it says that the estimated shipping time is 7-10 business days. If there is no difference then why should I pay more for the standard delivery? The company claims that all the packages are shipped with EMS and that a tracking number will be provided.

The accepted payment options are: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Wire Transfer. I was very glad to have finally found a replica watches website that offers alternatives to credit card payments. This shows that the company is very keen on offering to all its customers the best services and products. Still, when you submit the order, do not forget that the most secure and trusted payment option for online orders remains paying by credit card.

Topendmall.com offers a 30 days replacement or refund policy. The store advises all its customers to contact Customer Services as soon as they notice a reason of dissatisfaction for their watches. In this case, photos of the defects or flaws will be needed to confirm the necessity of returning the item. Of course, all the return costs must be paid by the customer and the replacement or refund will be processed only after the defective replica watch is received back at the warehouse. There is no mention on the website about a repairs warranty that is supposed to protect your investment even after the first 30 days run out.

The website suggests that the merchant offers customer services by phone and email. On the bottom of the page there is the company’s address from Hong Kong, a phone number from the same country,  gmail address and a phone number from US. I have tried dialing both numbers. The first one rang, but no one answered and the second one was invalid. After this, I was very skeptical about the responsiveness of its customer care department.

Topendmall.com is an online store that sells a diversified collection of Rolex replica watches at very affordable prices. These products can be shipped worldwide for free and the range of accepted payment options is quite wide. The only things you should consider before ordering a Rolex fake from this site are the unreliable product pictures, the lack of a free repairs warranty and the unprofessional customer services.

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