Rolex is one of the most popular and iconic luxury brands in the world. Watch enthusiasts are very passionate about all the various watch designs that were launched by this company over the years, but their high prices have made it impossible for most people to buy the authentic products. Instead, they have turned their attention towards the replica market where prices are fairer and more accessible. So you can understand why there are so many fake watches online sites that sell Rolex imitations, websites such as that dedicate their activity to the goal of providing high quality designer replica watches to all of those who are looking for an affordable timepiece.

Best Site banner with stars is a little bit different than most replica watches stores. While others are keen on offering as many brands as possible, this company focuses on Rolex watches. Usually, this approach shows that the website is very selective about the quality of the products it offers and desires to sell the best replicas available. As you probably know, Rolex replicas have a higher degree of accuracy and quality, so stocking just this brand ensures a higher percentage of happy customers.

The appearance of the website is very plain, but friendly and elegant. The homepage features a white background, red menu bar and a medium size banner. The rest of the page is filled with sponsored products. Nothing too impressive so far, but once you click on a button from the menu you discover that the website is pretty complex. The collection is divided into sub-categories and the site also has an advanced search function that helps locate the design that interests you. This Advanced Search allows you to filter the replica watches by Gender, Movement, Strap, Material and Price.

The prices are quite diverse. There are replicas that cost about $100-$250 and these are the ones that are available with and automatic Japanese mechanism and replicas that cost about $250-$400 and these are equipped with a Swiss automatic movement. Depending on how much you are prepared to spend, you can find here a very good replica of your favorite Rolex watch.

It looks like the company uses images that were taken in different studios. The pictures have different backgrounds. Some of them show white scenery while others have a grey one. This makes us wonder if what we see in the images is what will actually be received when ordering from this store. Also, the watermark from the photos says “” which is certainly not the name of this company. This might just be its previous website address.

The product description page isn’t that informative. It only presents a few basic technicalities about these Rolex replica watches, without explaining that much about the functionality and quality of the materials used for manufacturing these knockoffs. can process the following payment methods: credit card- Visa and JCB and Western Union. I think that having an alternative to card payment is a very good thing because it shows how dedicated the company is to meeting the expectations and necessities of all its customers. Some shoppers might have a credit card that they can use online while others might prefer a transfer that protects them from putting their card details online.

When you are ordering Rolex replica watches from this site, you have two shipping options available. You can either choose to send your package with express mail which takes 5-7 business days and costs $3.99 or with regular mail which takes 7-14 business days and is completely free. The first delivery method means EMS, DHL or UPS while the second is by air mail. offers you a 30 days return policy. Within the first 30 days from the delivery you are invited to contact the company if by any chance you are not happy with the products. They will supply you with the return details so you can send the Rolex replica watch back for a refund or exchange. And do not forget that the costs of shipping the product back will be covered by you and are not refundable. Also, the company does not mention anything about having a free repairs warranty that covers any defects that might happen after the first 30 days.

I always judge a company by the level of customer care it provides. A store that is professional and friendly with its customers will always be willing to help you sort out any problems, but a company that is difficult to contact will obviously not be around to fix any dissatisfactions or product defects. doesn’t seem to offer such a professional customer service as it can be reached only by contact form and at a very unsecure Gmail account. I prefer sites that can be quickly contacted by chat or phone number. is a replica store that focuses on providing high quality Rolex fake watches. This website offers a pretty diverse and inclusive selection of fake Rolex models at very affordable prices. It also accepts secure payment methods as credit cards and Western Union, it has low cost worldwide delivery and it offers a 30 days return policy. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a very professional customer service and its product pictures aren’t really that good.

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