We are all looking for a replica website where inevitably time stands still, a place where our passion for beautiful and expensive timepieces materializes into flawless and affordable imitations. Finding this perfect online store is just a matter of time. For now, our attention stops upon Tswatch 2004.


The warranty provided for these replicas is very interesting and it is influenced by the price of the products. To be more specific, watches that cost less than $150 have a 6 months warranty, whereas those priced over $150 have a 12 months warranty. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the obvious quality differences between these two different grades of replica watches. Additionally, a satisfaction guarantee of 7 days if offered. In case you are not happy with the items you can return them either for a refund or replacement.

In case you were wondering what are the accepted payment methods, you will delighted to see that the options here are quite numerous and divers. Tswatch2004.com can process the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, POSB bank transfer and Bank Wire.


Tswatch2004.com has a very cold metallic design and, frankly, it looks like it has been constructed by an amateur. It isn’t the type of plain or outdated website, just that it lacks any aesthetic sense. The left and right side bars are full of complicated menus, filters, blog news, cart display, testimonials, links, wish list and promotional banners. Whereas, the top and center part of the homepage is clear, clean and tidy. The overall look is of a tacky and cheap website. It doesn’t have anything to do with the image we all have of a watch store: elegant and sophisticated.

 The product menu is a small banner-looking list on the left side of the page. Naturally, all watch aficionados will first click on the “Watches” category. At this point, an endless list of brands unfolds right before our eyes. The first reaction is of pure joy, joy of having such an impressive selection of timepieces to choose from. Inevitably, this joy is crushed by the terrible limitations of this poorly constructed website: the watches are classified only by collection name and if you are looking for, let’s say, Rolex Daytona then you would better be prepared to browse through 15 pages of Daytona replicas because there is no option of filtering them.

I really cannot be sure if this company sells only Asian movement watches or Swiss movement as well. I have verified countless of product pages, viewed numerous watches priced at $100, $200 and even $448, but all of these stated ASIAN automatic mechanism. Why the different price difference if all of them claim to have an Asian movement? I really do not know. All of them say:  stainless steel, sapphire crystal and gold plating (for the gold color watches). Again, not even the different number of jewels from the movement could justify this huge price difference.

The shipping page could convince anyone not to buy from this website. Now, let’s explain how this is possible. Half of the page talks about how they are not responsible for customs seizure, lost packages and any additional fees involved with the shipping process. These very unlikely situations (or at least I consider them to be highly unlikely)  are so well explained and sound so imminent and costly that anyone, at this point, would just exit the website and never look back. Now, getting back to the actual shipping policy- the company sends packages to most major countries with Hong Kong Post Air Mail, EMS, DHL and UPS. The delivery time depends on the shipping company. Hong King Post Air Mail may take up to 15-25 days while DHL or UPS may deliver in 2-5 days.

Pictures: The pictures are of very good quality and you can actually tell that these are property of Tswatch2004.com. Each product is photographed from the same angles and with the same black background. The photographic style is unique and kind of amateur. These images are clearly not copies of the original catalog pictures. For every replica you will find on this website there are about eight very detailed photos available, clear images that show even the smallest craftsmanship detail, every marking or logo. All you need to realize that these are very good knockoffs.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: Apparently, the customer care department can be reached only by chat or contact form.  When I have visited the website, the chat was offline and I really cannot say for sure if there is ever someone online to attend your inquiries. Let’s not forget that this company is based in China and that they are on a different time zone so this represents a big inconvenience for the communication process. My opinion is that they could have, at least, posted their business hours to inform us when we can get a hold of the customer service operators.

Summary: Tswatch2004.com seems to be a very good supplier of decent quality replica watches. I would even go as far as stating that these may be superior to other replicas within this price range. Everything related to the watches they are selling speaks about a very good product quality: accurate and detailed pictures, an extensive repairs warranty, a 7 days satisfaction guarantee and an exact and detailed product description. Now, on the other hand, everything about the services it provides looks discouraging. There is no delivery guarantee, the shipping fee is quite expensive, the website usability is low and the customer service seems to be very unreliable.

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