Sometimes simple is better, but does this apply to replica watches stores as well? is the type of website that intrigues me. It has such a plain appearance, a basic layout and no design embellishments. It keeps everything so simple and organized that you just can’t help asking yourself how does it manage to allure customers with its over $400 Swiss replica watches if not by offering very good quality?

As I was saying before, apparently this website doesn’t have anything special. It has a blue and white color scheme, slim top side menu bar and no sliding banners. The homepage is neatly organized and most of it is filled with pictures that link to the pages of the sponsored products. It is not a very appealing online store, but it is rather a very easy to use one. It gets straight to the point- are you interested in buying good replica watches or in visual sweet talk?

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There are two menu bars- the upper one features buttons for the most popular brands and for the informative pages while the left side menu bar includes all the available categories. These aren’t as many as one would think. The company sells 12 watch brands. The collection is quite limited, but this is just because the store carries only Swiss movement replica watches. It doesn’t offer Japanese knockoffs. Each brand is nicely divided into sub-collections and these can be sorted by price, but there is no advanced search available. The truth is that there is no need for one. The entire Rolex category features only about 200 items and these are already organized into collections.

As far as prices go, these are pretty fair for replica watches equipped with Swiss ETA automatic mechanisms. The prices range from $380 to $500. Most fake watches stores offer similar or even higher prices for their Swiss knockoffs. I agree that when compared to Japanese replicas, these may seem expensive, but for those who want to enjoy a more accurate and durable clone this is the best option.

What I have noticed when browsing the website is that these fake watches do not have photos that were made just one studio. Most of the replicas have very beautiful and clear pictures that were clearly taken by a professional, but have the watermark of a different website- “”. And a few of them are more amateur looking and carry only the watermark for I guess, one could say that is the former domain of this company, but I wouldn’t order from this store until I receive from them pictures of the actual replica watches they carry.

The product description isn’t that well written. It is very schematic and even though it features all the important product specs it doesn’t manage to sound comprehensive and relevant for determining the quality of these fake watches. accepts the following payment options- Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Bank Transfer. The interesting thing about these is that while you can choose in the order form Visa, JCB or Mastercard and enter your details right then, with Western Union and Bank Transfer the process is totally different. You need to select the option “email send payment method” and they will email you the payment details. Another concern I have about its payment processing method is that the page where you are supposed to enter your card details isn’t https even if it say that it is protected and encrypted. Only a https page has a valid security certificate and guarantees that the card info you are entering is fully protected.

I like the fact that this store offers free delivery across the globe. No matter to what country you want the package delivered, they will send it for free by EMS or DHL. The estimated delivery time is 7-10 working days. They basically ship all packages with EMS which is a very reliable shipping option for companies that dispatch out of China and if EMS isn’t available or recommended for your delivery country then it will use DHL. Both options will provide you with a tracking number. offers a 3 days refund guarantee and a 12 months free repairs warranty for all its Swiss replica watches. Basically, if you are not satisfied with the product you should contact the company as soon as you receive it and request the return details. It does not give additional details regarding any restocking fees. And after these first 3 days run out, if you notice any manufacturing defects you can simply contact the store and ask them to repair the replica for free.

The store offers the possibility to be contacted either by the Contact Form listed on its website or by using its Chat Service. When I have accessed the website the chat was offline, but this was probably just because the company is based in China and they are on a different time zone. This being said, I really do not know how responsive and friendly its customer services really are, but I recommend you to not order until you get a hold of their operators and you are positive that they do value customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in buying a Swiss replica watch at an affordable price without getting distracted by banners, pop-ups and other visual tricks used by most fake watches online stores then you may be interested in ordering from This website also has a very diverse and beautiful selection of famous brand watches, ships packages all across the globe free or charge and takes numerous payment options. The only thing you should consider before ordering is the fact that its pictures seem to be compiled from multiple sources and that its customer care’s business hours is on a different time hour and it may be quite difficult to contact.

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