Where there’s a watch there’s a way. Watch-way.com is a living proof of this. Forget about not being able to afford the watch of your dreams because at Watch-way.com you will find a very impressive and affordable collection of high end replica watches. The watch of your dreams is here at a fraction of its price.


So what are you thinking of buying? You don’t know yet? No problem. The collection is so divers and wide that you will surely find at least two watches you won’t be able to resist. The only inconvenience will be spending too much time searching for the style of replicas you wish to purchase. Indeed, the products are divided by gender and type of movement(Swiss or Japanese), and each brand is organized into collections, but still without an Advanced Search this shopping spree will turn out to be a real test of endurance. Luckily, a Filter is available and it eases very much the whole selection process.

The watches are not as cheap as you would expect them to be. The Japanese replicas start at $150 and go up to $250. That is considerably more than your average replica website. Whereas, Swiss watches cost about $400-$800 . Again, that’s pretty much for a replica even if its mechanism is an ETA 25-Jewel Perpetual Movement 28800 bph. But you have to face it; if the quality is very good then it is worth the sacrifice just so you can enjoy a beautiful replica watch that is exact to the original in both appearance and quality.  Now let’s be honest, everything comes at a price!

The product description page is incredibly well made. Compared to other replica websites, it presents an exaggerated amount of important information about these replicas. Yes, it is more than I am used to! Every single row and section from this very detailed description presents important technical aspects of these watches, aspects that differentiate an excellent replica from a poor one. Additionally, in the bottom of the description you also have the option of asking a question about the products you are viewing. Everything about the description is perfectly constructed and professionally presented.

The company ships packages worldwide and the delivery rate is 100%. So have no fear. With Watch-Way.com there are no risks. Your order is guaranteed to be delivered successfully. Every package is shipped with a tracking number and you will be able to trace your order at every step from the delivery process. Plus, if the package is lost or destroyed during shipping then it will be reshipped or refunded without additional costs or fees. The delivery takes about 7-14 business days and the orders are shipped with EMS either from the European warehouse or from the Chinese warehouse. I have strong doubts that this company really has a warehouse in Europe. But, hey, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt and trust that it is so big and evolved as a company that it affords to have two warehouses in the most strategic parts of the world.

Watch-Way.com offers a 7 days money back guarantee. This means that 7 days after the delivery are reserved for you to inspect and test every part and function of this watch. And if by the end of these 7 days you are not happy with the product then you can return it for a full refund. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? Furthermore, all replicas come with the longest warranty on the market: a one year replacement warranty. It sounds almost too good to be true. There are no ridiculous conditions meant to discourage you from benefiting from your right to get your money back or a replacement. Here you either get a refund or the quality that you can trust to last. No questions asked.


The website has a cold metallic look. It doesn’t manage to leave any sort of positive impression on me. The only thing I could say about it is that it looks very cheap. On top there are four plain black menu buttons and on the left there is a very long and anesthetic product menu divided in three categories: Men’s Swiss, Men’s Japanese and Women’s watches. The center part of the screen is filled with countless sponsored products.  The customer support menu is on the right with links towards informative and very helpful sections of this page. And of course, you can’t have an average looking replica store without an overwhelming batch of endless text on the bottom of the homepage. All these are put together in a very sloppy way as to give the impression of an actual online store.

The most disappointing part of this company is that it only accepts Visa payments. No other payment options are available. I don’t know what to say. The rest of this business seems very reputable, but I am not sure how trustworthy is a merchant that only accepts one type of card payment. There are so many Internet scams that you eventually prefer not ordering at all than to risk entering your card details on a website that isn’t professional enough to provide payment alternatives to its customers.

Pictures: The pictures are incredibly well made. The quality and the attention to details are outstanding. It shows every single watch from all possible angles. You can see every small details even the transparent foil around the band or the dust on the crystal. Furthermore, there are also pictures of the watch boxes, papers and tags. All of them look very authentic and nice. I do believe that these photos are unique on the web and that are owned by Watch-way.com. A proof of this is also the watermark with the company’s name that is added an all the product pictures.

Domain registered: Russia

Customer service: The support services are supposed to be available Monday-Friday, from 12PM to 8PM EST (New York local time). The available communication channels are phone, chat and contact form.  I didn’t see anywhere on the website an email address which is quite od as all companies give out their contact email address and it seems that the only way to write them a message is by contact form. I have tried the phone number three times in a row and it got straight to voice mail every time, plus, the chat was offline. Let me mention that these unsuccessful attempts were made during their business hours.

Summary: They say “Never judge a book by its cover” and this is also true for Watch-Way.com. A website that is apparently cheap and common looking manages to surprise us with excellent quality watches, incredibly well made product description, accurate pictures of its actual merchandise and impressive customer orientated satisfaction guarantees. Judging by its pages this book is worth reading it.

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