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If you are reading this then you are surely one of us, one of those who are passionate about luxury watches. The problem with these beautiful designer timepieces is that they have an exaggerated price. Not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on a Rolex. Luckily for us, there is the option of buying a replica instead. The thing you should consider here is the quality and accuracy of the design. If you have enough patience and knowledge about the original product then you can browse the web until you find the perfect replica for you. is one of those websites that attempt to convince us that its knockoffs are the best fakes out there. Unfortunately, its website doesn’t inspire the same message. The problem with it is that it is poorly made and it shows a huge lack of attention to important details. I am saying this because the background has Christmas as main theme. And it’s May already! The page is decorated with holiday gifts and socks. Moving on, there are two menu bars. One is on the top part of the page and it features buttons only for the main brands and the second one is on the left side of the page and it displays all the available company names. In the center of the page there are 3 sliding banners and below a few sponsored products.

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The company has a pretty large collection of replica watches. It features numerous famous brands and every single one of them has a couple hundred different items. The very interesting thing is that there are even some categories with over 1000 products, like Omega or Patek Philippe. What I have noticed and can’t understand yet is why this website does not have Rolex watches in its collection. Rolex is one of the most popular timepieces in the world and not offering this brand is something unusual. The majority of online replica stores carry this company.

The brands are organized into sub-collections which is a real help for us when we are looking for a specific model. Another great thing is the price filter included in the lower left side of the page. This can be used to filter the items and display just the one that meets our budget. Speaking of our budget, these fake timepieces are quite affordable. All the prices are in USD and vary depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used for manufacturing it. There are some models that start at $100 and some that cost about $300. Most of the models are equipped with a 21 jewels Asian movement while others have a quartz movement. I did not see any Swiss movement watches on this website.

It is important for an online company to offer good quality pictures that provide a preview of the quality you will be receiving if you order them. Sadly, this store does not seem to have this type of images. The photos posted here are clearly copied from a couple different catalogs. Indeed, they show the products from several different angles, but the truth is that you can’t trust them. Especially if you consider the fact that the pictures have the watermark of a different company

Curious to see if the replica watches are authentic looking I have compared an authentic Omega Speedmaster with a replica. Unfortunately there are too many aesthetic differences to consider that these knockoffs are decent quality. The dial is the main issue. Here we notice that the writing at 12 o’clock is different. Instead of saying “Omega Speedmaster Professional” it says “Omega Speedmaster Automatic Chronometer”. Another issue is with the sub-dials these do not correspond to the original ones which are lower in the middle part and raised on the margins. The fake one has plain sub-dials. The bezel is also different. The indexes and letters on it are thicker than on the genuine model. has the huge advantage of delivering packages worldwide. There is a flat shipping fee applied for shipping. Regardless of the delivery country or weight of the package, the shipping fee is $20 per order. Most packages are dispatched by EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 10-14 business days.

There are only two accepted payment options, Visa and Mastercard which is actually quite disappointing. No one argues the popularity and liability of these two card types, but sometimes it is nice to know that you have alternatives, especially if you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to put his card details out there. Another worrisome aspect is the fact that the payment processing page isn’t secure. Basically, anyone can hack the page and access your details fraudulently.

The company does provide a return policy, but its conditions are not that fair for us, the customers. The main issue is that there is a restocking fee which applies to all returns. If you want to send the watch back for a refund then you need to pay a $20-$40 fee whereas for exchanges there is a $10-$20 fee. Furthermore, the customer pays all the shipping back fees. In the end, you will be paying more to return the product than to buy a new one.

As far as customer service goes, don’t get your hopes up. This store isn’t the type that provides professional customer care. It does not have a contact phone number and a live chat. It just includes a Contact Form on its page and a Gmail account. I find the latter option as very insecure and unprofessional. All decent e-shops should have a professional business address where customer can send securely their inquiries. isn’t the ideal source for buying replica watches that will last forever. Just like any other fake timepieces website, it carries a wide selection of knockoffs at low prices, but there are other aspects that discourage us from buying its products. And these are: the unreliable product pictures, the limited selection of payment methods.

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