Wouldn’t it be nice if replica watches were able to last forever? We are told that authentic watches are able to last for many generations and this is why they represent such perfect heirlooms. Considering their prices- some cost more than a house where future generations could live in- I really understand the necessity of such an extreme durability, but let’s face it! Replicas will never last forever. Replicas are really nice and stylish accessories that you can use to complement your outfits, to get your friends to envy you for having such a beautiful watch on your wrist, but that’s about all. Still, one must choose the best quality available on the market and this is the purpose of our reviews. We want to discover the best online stores where you can find the highest quality there is.

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WatchesForever.me.uk is my newest discovery. This online site has a very nice design. Its color scheme is white and gray and features just a few touches of red. I like it. I like it because it keeps a well-studied balance between modernity and aesthetic subtlety. It is a friendly page as far as design goes and it is also very easy to use. The center is filled by three banners that show the Rolex, Omega and Breitling collection, while on the top menu there are the most popular 6 brands and on the left side menu there is a very long list with all the available brands. These mention every brand you could possibly think off.

As I was saying earlier, the collection is pretty inclusive and diverse. You can confirm this just by taking a look at the left side menu bar where the company lists all its available watch companies. And the most impressive thing is that each category has hundreds and even thousands of items. Rolex includes 5,000 replicas, Omega 1,100 and Cartier 1,000. Naturally, no one in his right mind would browse all these products manually. But guess what? You have to do it if you want to shop here. There is no Advanced Search option. The replica watches are organized only in sub-categories such as Daydate, DateJust, Daytona and so on for Rolex, and the largest sub-categories have over a 1,000 knockoffs.

All the prices are displayed in GBP and these depend on the inside mechanism of the fake watch you want to buy. The ones that are equipped with a Japanese automatic mechanism cost about 60-100 GBP while the replica watches with Swiss ETA self-winding movement cost 200-300 GBP. My opinion is that both types of movements serve their purpose of looking similar to the authentic watch. You can’t spot any differences in the movement of the smooth second hand, unless you are an expert.

The pictures appear to be very nice. All replica watches available on WatchesForEver.me.uk have many detailed pictures that show the products from various angles, presenting all the small details and particularities that make them so similar to the genuine models. The photos seem to be taken in the same studio, have an elegant white background and are quite clear. The only thing is that the images are medium size and there is no way to enlarge them or zoom on the photo so you can see the smaller details.

The description of these fake watches isn’t as good as the pictures. I must admit that the merchant includes a lot of information about the products in this informative section, but the whole text is very incoherent.

WatchesForEver.me.uk can ship packages all around the globe and from what I see in the Order Form, no matter what country you choose as destination, the shipping fee is the same- 20 GBP. The packages are shipped with EMS and the delivery takes about 7-10 days. Of course, the order is sent with a tracking number and as soon as the items are dispatched you are emailed with a tracking number. It doesn’t say a thing about the option of paying extra to have it delivered sooner with Fedex or DHL.

The only available payment methods are credit card- Visa and Mastercard. Although I feel that credit card is the most secure form of online payment as your bank will always ensure the security of all your Internet purchases, it is nice to know that the store is liable enough to provide alternatives. And when I say alternatives, I mean Western Union, Bank Wire or Money Gram.

If you have purchased a replica watch from WatchesForever.me.uk then you will be glad to find out that this company offers a 14 days refund or exchange policy. This basically means that at any time, within the first 14 days from the delivery, you can contact the store and request the return details so you can send the products back. But, please note, that a 20-40 GBP restocking fee will be deducted from the refund amount and that the customer is the one that has to pay for the return fees.

The company can be contacted only by contact form or by using a Gmail address. There is no phone number or chat service available for instance response. This is a real downside as these days, live assistance is everything when you have your doubts about ordering a replica online.

WatchesForEver.me.uk is an online site that has a wide collection of replica watches, both Swiss and Japanese, at really good prices. The company ships packages all around the globe, offers 14 days return policy and has nice pictures. Unfortunately it doesn’t convince me that it is the best available choice because it doesn’t provide alternatives to card payments and it does not have the option of chatting live with its customer care agents.

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