“$29 Swiss replica watches”. The low price quote really gets your attention. But is it really enough? Does the price really matter more than the quality of our replica watches? A watch aficionado knows that you simply need to find the perfect balance between the two, and most important you must find the right company where this becomes possible.


Watcheshere.co.uk is a very delightful website. Yes, it is a little bit girly looking and cute, but very catchy. The basis of this page is to keep it as simple as possible. The menu is plain white and positioned at the top, while on the bottom we have the links for the informative pages such as “About Us”, “Shipping and Delivery” and so on. The main focus is on the center of the page where there is a big candy-blue banner advertising an “Up to 70% OFF” promotion. And this is pretty much the whole Homepage. In my opinion, its design is simply beautiful and without even trying.

At first you are miss-leaded as to think that the collection is so limited that it only offers the few brands listed in the upper menu bar. The truth is that the company offers an incredibly large selection of brands and for each one countless designs are available. If you were thinking of extending your watch collection then you have come to the right place.

Even though on the browser tab, the description of this site says “$29 Swiss Replica Watches UK”, rest assured that you will not find here any $29 Swiss replicas. The prices for the Japanese watches start at 50GBP while the prices for the Swiss watches start at 200GBP. So what was all that talk about $29 Swiss quality watches? I particularly like that the product description page is very straightforward. In a few words, and with a pretty joined up writing, it manages to tell us the basics of these replicas. Everything you need to know before buying it.

The company provides free shipping for most of the countries around the world. The order processing time is about 1-2 business days and a tracking number is provided. The packages are shipped with EMS and the delivery time varies from 4-10 business days for most countries while 10-20 days are required for delivery to countries such as Argentina, Pakistan, Qatar, Sweden, Jordan, Lebanon.

Watcheshere.co.uk offers a 7 days refund guarantee and a 14 days exchange policy. Within this time if you are not pleased with the watch or if the product has any defects then you can contact customer service to request the return instructions. Still, before doing this I advise you to read all the conditions from their policy and decide if it is worth the hassle. Sending back a replica to China is quite costly and very time consuming. I almost forgot to mention, it doesn’t say anything about having a repairs warranty.

The accepted payment methods are VISA, MasterCard and Western Union. Or at least this is what it says on the FAQ page. In the order form only Visa and Mastercard payments are available. At any point from the ordering process I did not see an option of paying by Western Union. That’s quite bad as Western Union is really starting to be preferred by many online customers especially when the company throws in a very appealing discount for using this payment method.


The main problem I have with this website is that on the top of the page, next to the menu bar it has as company name: luxuryreplicaus.com. This is another replica website. I don’t know if the name is there because the whole website template was copied from another source, because these two sites are affiliated or simply because it is trying to fraudulently impersonate luxuryreplicaus.com. Whatever the answer may be it doesn’t give me any confidence in this merchant.

I don’t want to be difficult, but there is something that I simply do not get: why would you make a site with “10000+ Designer Fake Watches” and not think of including a filter or an Advanced Search or even divide each brand into collections with their original names? I mean, isn’t it obvious that the more products you have the harder is to browse them?  When shopping for a replica I am always looking for a specific design and I now find myself wasting a lot of time just because someone doesn’t think my time is important.

Pictures: The pictures are very small and difficult to see. This is because the picture gallery is actually displayed on the bottom part of the image you are enlarging to view. The quality of the photos is quite bad and these also have the very unflattering watermark with the name of “topgunreplicas.com”.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: I wasn’t expecting top notch customer service from this company, but, still, did it really have to be that bad? The live chat button doesn’t work. It only re-directs you to the “Contact Us” section of the website. Here you find out that you can only get a hold of the customer care representatives by contact form or using a very peculiar email address replicawatchesuknet@gmail.com. This email address doesn’t seem to have any connections with the website’s name and could very well be a non-functioning account.

Summary:  Watcheshere.co.uk seems to be a good and honest replica website. Sadly, it fails quite badly at sustaining this first impression. The main issue I have is with the countless different company names that we find as we browse along the website. Next there is the unresponsive and unprofessional customer service it provides and finally the unreliable product photos. I’m very sorry, but I feel that this company should have a huge “BEWARE” sign written all over it.

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