fancies a very pretentious name which promises the impossible to its customers: to offer the perfect store for buying replica watches online. But what is the reality? Will it be the next Idol for all replica watch collectors out there or will it turn out to be just another weak wannabe?


The website includes a very large collection of replica watches brands, each brand listing hundreds of products and some, like Rolex for example, impresses with 5426 unique models. I have to admit that this is actually the biggest online selection of replica watches I have ever seen. If you have a particular model in mind then you will surely find it here.

I like the fact that the description of the products is very simplistic and comprehensive. It appeals both to a non-experimented shopper as it does to a genuine watch collector. With a minimum of technical terms it describes the quality, functions, materials and resistance of the replicas in the most natural manner.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a replica seller that accepts such a wide range of credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard, JBC and American Express. In addition, Western Union payments are also accepted. Such a broad list of accepted credit cards is very rare in this line of business and it does manage to differentiate the key players from the debutants.

While browsing the website you will surely notice the banners about free shipping. This piece of information is excessively promoted.  Indeed, these days only a few websites can afford the luxury of offering free shipping worldwide and I guess that when you are buying online this little detail can be a crucial factor in deciding from what website to purchase your replica.

If you are not satisfied with the product you receive then don’t think you have to settle with it just because it’s a knock off. guarantees your satisfaction with a 7 days return policy and a 14 days exchange option. This is a reassurance that they vouch for the merchandise they sell. It is very common for major replica merchants to offer a warranty and a refund policy for their products.

CONS: is a website with a pretty good design, but I am afraid they tend to overdo it when it comes to the amount of information displayed on a single page. Sometimes too much data can cause more damage than good and this online store is the living proof. From the moment you open the Home page you are overwhelmed with sliding photos of their replicas that change annoyingly to fast, with banners about free shipping and their collection, with a selection of promotion products, new products, and best products. All this paired up by very inclusive top, bottom and right side menu bars. Just scrolling down the home page makes you dizzy, and I must say that the products description pages aren’t any different. Whoever set up this website didn’t have any type of consideration for the viewer’s eyes.

Reading the shipping page you will discover that the delivery time is very long. Free shipping takes about 10-16 working days, while express shipping takes 7-12 working days. May I remind you that weekends are not included? So the option they call “express” will guarantee the receipt of the order in about 2-3 weeks. That seems a bit too long, if you ask me.


The pictures are the place to start when you want to see how honest a replica merchant is. And to me, is a disappointment. The online store includes high quality photos of outstanding replicas, very beautiful designs, from numerous angles so you can see all the relevant details, but these are not the actual photos of the watches they sell. On most products I could see a difference between the photos of the dial and sides of the watches, and the photos of the back case and inside of the band. Meaning they use fake photos of the back or of the inside of the watches to offer a more complete view of the product. They crop up some very well chosen pictures that look good together. If they are prepared to deceive you when presenting their merchandise then they will surely not hesitate to deceive you after your order is submitted and your hard earned money is cashed in.

Domain registered: PANAMA

Customer Service: offers assistance by email and live chat. The answers to my emails were terribly slow, but at least I got an answer and a confirmation that this is not a bogus website. Regarding the live chat, I didn’t actually get to talk to someone as each time I have entered the site the live agent was offline and nowhere on the site did I see the business hours of this company. What really had me thinking is the fact that they don’t have a contact phone number and in my opinion calling the company’s phone number is the best way to see if a site is legit.

Summary: promises to be the place where high end quality and reasonable prices blend with luxurious designs and pretentious brand names with the sole purpose of forging the most impressive collection of replica watches. It manages to reinforce its promise by offering a wide range of brands and styles of watches, flexible prices and free shipping, product quality guaranteed by a return and exchange policies.

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