has a futuristic and ideal ring to it. It promises to be everything you were looking to get from a replica website: good quality watches at affordable prices. But before getting carried away by the slippery hands of time, let’s examine the PROS and CONS.

PROS: or, as stated on the very bottom of the home page, is a Chinese based company that dispatches its merchandise all over the world. It is quite common for replica sellers to change domains once in a while and it shouldn’t be interpreted as a sign of dishonesty, but rather as a form of survival skills that will guarantee its long lasting presence on the market. Nothing can bring these companies down. Shut them off and they will reinvent themselves faster and better than ever.

The website looks like a professional online store and its design is actually very reassuring. It feels like a reputable site where you can shop with confidence. The color scheme is composed of white, green and gray shades; while the banners, menus and featured products respect very carefully selected proportions.  You will notice that the website includes numerous promotional banners, sponsored categories, menus and interactive functions, but, still, it doesn’t look too full. It manages to keep a clean and tidy appearance.

The left side menu bar is actually an endless list of brands. Here you will find pretty much all the watches you were looking for, plus more. Take a moment to browse the collection and discover all the brands and designs it has to offer. A huge disappointment is the lower menu also named “Shopping by Categories” which includes buttons that weren’t yet edited by the webmaster, buttons that were probably part of the template used for this site. For example, the category „Car Electronics”, these items are not part of the merchandise being sold by the company. Such an error cannot be excused in the world of good quality replicas and it is something that a professional website isn’t allowed to make.

The packages are shipped from China all around the world with EMS and other major carriers. Furthermore, shipping to most countries costs about $20 which sounds quite reasonable. The usual delivery time is about 7-10 business days and a tracking number is available. I must say, the delivery time is not that long considering that the items are being dispatched from China and it is very reassuring to know that a tracking number is provided.


Sadly, the collection is very difficult to browse. As said previously, there is a wide selection of brands here, but there is no way to filter them in order to see just the ones that match your interests. For most potential customers, this will turn out to be a major disadvantage and one of the main reasons for giving up on buying from No one wants to spend endless hours just to browse through products that do not represent any interest. Exactly for this, companies should focus more on the usability of the website, on making it easier for the customer to view the products and display just the ones they fancy more.

The watches cost about $70-$90. In my experience, this is as cheap as it gets for a replica. But let’s not forget that these items are dispatched from China and hence Chinese made. This being said, do not expect to get premium quality at this price range. You will surely get what you have paid for: a good looking accessory. As far as the quality goes, oh well, only time will tell.

I did not see any watches from the Swiss range so, I guess, buying a Swiss watch from this website is not an option. The product page doesn’t contain any relevant information whatsoever. It only has some non-sense babble about the growth of Chinese companies and about their profits. Definitely, not the kind of reading material that interests a person who is looking to buy a replica.

Do not bother browsing the menu from the very bottom of the page. It doesn’t do a thing. It is just for decorative purposes. Just like do not bother to look for anything about the return and exchange policy because you won’t find a single word about it on the whole website. This is the point where you seriously start doubting about the consistency and liability of a company. Many technical or functional errors can be explained and understood, but not having any information about the customer’s guarantee when purchasing from the website is something that simply can not be overlooked. At least not by me. In such cases I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to use such a website for ordering any kind of products.

Even though on the FAQ page it says that the only accepted payment method is Western Union, at checkout the only available payment option is Visa. Another discrepancy that shows how unprofessional and misleading this website really is. Until now this merchant has presented countless reasons to doubt its legitimacy.

Pictures: It is more than obvious that these pictures were copied from different sources. Most likely, from other replica merchants as well as from the original websites. Browsing along the collections will reveal many different styles of product photos, depending on the sources from where these were copied. All replicas have just one photo, no detailed pictures are available. And most important, the watermark from the images says “”. So what more proof do you need that these pictures are bogus?

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: Checking out the customer service a replica merchant provides is always my favorite part and I love finding companies that offer good customer care. It is such a shame that doesn’t provide any. The company doesn’t have a contact phone number and on the “Contact Us” page it only displays a contact form and a common and unreliable Gmail address: All serious companies need to have a professional business email address. I have also tested the chat button, but to my surprise it directed me to the “Contact Us” page so I believe it is safe to say that it doesn’t work.

Summary: is a Chinese based company that doesn’t offer any reasons to believe that it is a trustworthy merchant. Based on the numerous discrepancies and inconsistencies in the company’s policies and services, any purchase placed on this website may very well turn out to be a real nightmare for any decent customer. My advice is to stay away from and not risk ordering from this store.

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