Watches aficionados around the world be prepared to feast your eyes with some of the most luxurious timepieces ever made! invites us to start a fascinating journey throughout the most remarkable replica watches available online.

PROS: is everything an online replica store should be. It looks elegant, professional and easy to browse. The home page greets us with a black and gray color scheme brighten up by subtle color accents represented by the wide promotional banner informing us of the Free Delivery and the “up to 60% discount”. The whole design is carefully constructed and planed as to make our entire shopping session as pleasant as possible.

The upper menu bar includes four of the available watch brands, and the other ones are revealed when moving the mouse over the “Other BRANDS” button. The company provides a wide range of famous international watch companies; each category is divided in sub-selections which bear the name of the original collections. While browsing through the items I have noticed that the supply is impressive and the merchant offers the best and most popular designs ever made. The only inconvenient is that it is very difficult to search through the huge collection as there is no way to filter or sort the products. It is a big disappointment that the website doesn’t support such a function!

The prices are in GBP and these vary from 80 GBP up to 250 GBP. The Japanese watches are available with a quartz movement or with an Asian automatic movement, depending on the model, and these cost about 80-150 GBP. The Swiss designs are equipped with a Swiss Valjoux mechanism and cost about 150-250 GBP. From my point of view, the prices are very affordable and match the prices provided by other online replica merchants.

The product description page is a very useful summary of the quality, functions and technicalities of these beautiful imitation watches. The actual description is divided into two parts: the first one is a short sketch which includes the basics: movement, strap, dial, gender, case and weight. The second part is more descriptive and offers more details about each function, part and material of the watch. Every small detail is very carefully explained and I must say that the description page is indeed very well constructed and written.

The website has on the bottom of the page the logos for Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Maestro and Delta credit cards, but on the FAQ page it says that the only accepted credit cards are Visa and Mastercard. To confirm which one it really supports I added an item to the shopping cart and Checked Out. Indeed, after Reviewing and Confirming the order, in the Payment Form I had two options: Visa and Mastercard. Visa and Mastercard are the world’s most used card payments and almost anyone of us owns one or both of these types of credit cards. Nowadays, you rarely find an online replica merchant that is able to accept Mastercard payments so it is really nice to finally come across one.

The company provides free worldwide delivery with EMS and DHL. The usual order processing time is about 1-2 days and all packages are shipped with a tracking number. The actual delivery time depends on the destination country. For example, shipping to European countries takes about 5-7 business days while to the USA, Australia or South Africa it takes at least 10 business days. The best part about its shipping policy is that the delivery is guaranteed and if a package isn’t delivered after 4 weeks then it will be reshipped free of charge.

The website states that each order is guarantee by a 14 days refund or exchange policy. So within the first 14 days you can test the watch and if you are not happy with it or if you notice some flaws then you can return it and request a refund or replacement. For a refund a $20-$40 restocking fee will be deducted from the amount reimbursed to you. Rest assured, even after the first 14 days your product is protected by the 180 days repairs warranty. Any manufacturing defects are covered by the free repairs warranty.


It is very difficult to browse the collection because there is no Advanced Search option or even a basic filter.

The company charges a restocking fee of $20-$40 when you send an item back for a refund.

Domain registered: CHINA

Pictures: provides numerous pictures for each one of its products, and each photo is of very good quality and it focuses on clearly showing the details and beauty of these watches. The replicas are photographed from numerous angles and present the craftsmanship, the exact logos and markings, the way the clasp works and the accuracy of the dial. The thing that ruins the pictures and our trust in the company’s legitimacy is the fact that all images are watermarked with, a website that has been shut-down by the authorities.

Customer service: Each time I click on the Live Chat button that I find on the website of a replica merchant I have a moment of thrill not knowing if someone is or not at the other end. Almost in every single case I am disappointed to discover that the button is just a lie and that the only thing it does is to redirect us to the Contact Us page. This is also the case for This company can be reached only by Contact Form or by email at

Summary:, as any other online replica company delights us with an impressive number of provided watch brands, a wide range of available designs and with incredibly affordable prices. Additionally, it ships packages worldwide for FREE and it has a 14 days refund/exchange guarantee plus a 180 days free repairs warranty. Up to now everything about this merchant makes us think that it is the best place from where to purchase our replica watches. Unfortunately, there are two negative aspects that make me doubt that ordering from this store is truly safe: the pictures are watermarked with the name of a company that has been shut down by the authorities and the Customer Service is highly un-responsive.

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