Writewatches.com, watchesdate.com or bedwatches.com? I am not sure what name to use when talking about this replica merchant that finds a great joy in associating the word „watches” with completely unrelated terms just to come up with a new domain name. It clearly does not find the same inspiration that we find in these beautifully crafted luxurious timepieces. Before writing it off as another cheap Chinese replica watches website with low quality products and poor services let me tell you a bit more about the PROS and CONS.


The website includes many luxury brand names that are worldwide known for their design and popularity. Rolex, Cartier, Burberry, Dolce&Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Ferrari and Bvulgari are just a couple of the names included in their product menu. The down side is that more than half of the collection includes categories that are empty. This makes me think that the company is probably in the process of uploading new models in the already created, but empty sections.

The prices are incredibly low. Most watches cost under $90 and just a few manage to go over the $100 price limit. Low prices means they are targeting an audience with a very strict budget interested more in the name and logo of the products rather than in the quality and degree of authenticity.


The design and layout of the website are very common and poor. From the moment you access the homepage you notice a large banner about the merchant’s products, but with the wrong name on it. Instead of writewatches.com the banner refers to this online store as www.bedwatches.com. It is probably one of the old company’s domains and when they changed it they forgot to edit the banner. If they can’t even clone their website right then how can they offer decent imitation watches?

Just try to open the detail page of a few products and you will be surprised to find that not all of them have a description page. For most items the website will return an error page. Can it be just a technical problem or is it a hint about the legitimacy of this retailer?

The delivery time is 10-20 business days. That is about 3-4 weeks. No way I am paying this company online and just wait for a month to see if I’m lucky and actually get my products. They say to offer Visa and Mastercard payments, but after Checkout only Visa is available as payment option. No Western Union, no Bank transfer, no Paypal. Plus, the page where I am supposed to enter my card details looks very amateur and has many errors on it. For example, the check in box for Visa payment repeats itself three times.

I have read the FAQ page three times and also all the other information pages on this website and none refers to the warranty or return policy. The only thing I noticed was another former domain name, www.watchesdate.com. Not saying anything about the warranty and return makes me very suspicious about my options in case I do get the product and I am not happy with it.

Pictures: Writewatches.com claims to own the pictures of their products, still all the photos bear the name of perfectwatches.net. These photos were no way taken by their “professional photographer” as stated in the FAQ section. It is another pretty lie they made up to impress the inexperienced online shopper that is looking to buy a cheap replica, but does not know where to look and how to spot a bogus website.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer Service:

The website claims to offer customer service by email, phone and live chat. There isn’t any information about the business hours, but it does say on the webpage “Welcome to contact us anytime as you wish!!” so I tried the phone number listed online. No one answered. I’ve also looked everywhere for the chat button, but no matter how long and how careful I’ve search for it on every page, I didn’t find it. The last option was to email them, but by now I was already fed up with trying so I instantly rejected this thought.

Summary: Writewatches.com has a big NO written all over it. It has all the signs of a shady Chinese operation designed to scam you either into purchasing a low quality product that isn’t worth a fraction of its price or to take your money without sending anything. Both versions are the worst possible scenario that I could think of and I do not recommend anyone to trust this website.

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