Popular designer watches are everything we crave for. What better place to buy new replica watches than Yopopularwatch.net. Is it really a trustworthy store? Let’s find out!


Yopopularwatch.net has a very cool retro chic look with brown and red color accents, and vintage looking stars. The idea is very interesting, just that the basic old appearance of the site does not match the large and glossy banners that show very luxurious watches. This type of design would have been more suitable for a vintage clothing store. Still, it does not look that bad. It only looks different.

Best Site banner with stars

This online replica site has a very friendly appearance and seems to be very easy to use. On top of the page it has a wide brands menu, beneath it there is a “free shipping all over the world” banner and even lower we find the three large banners that picture some of the most popular designer watches of all time.

The upper menu has an enhanced usability as just by placing the cursor on one of the featured brands it shows all the available collections and sub-collections. With just one click you can get directly to the style of watch you are interested in.

The company sells a large number of different watch brands. Only the most popular ones are mentioned in the main menu, the rest are revealed through the means of an “Other Brands” button. Browsing through all these numerous brands is not that difficult as they are very well organized in sub-collections. The interesting thing is that each brand includes so many items. There are hundreds and even thousands of designs for the most renowned brands. To ease your mission of finding the perfect replica watch, there is also an advanced search bar that will help you sort the products by price, case type and band material.

The prices range from $100 to $700 depending on the quality of the inside mechanism. All the watches have an Asian movement. These types of Asian mechanisms are copies of the so called Japanese and Swiss made movements. The Asian copies of the Japanese movements cost about $100-$300 while the superior quality ones, copies of the famous Swiss movements, cost about $300-$600.

The product descriptions are very well constructed and organized while using a highly comprehensive language. You do not have to be a watch connoisseur to fully understand the functionality and the quality of the materials used on these replica watches. Every particularity is carefully mentioned and explained so that everyone can have a good idea of the exactness of these copies.

Yopopularwatch.net is able to process Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Money Gram for all of its orders. These are some of the most used payment methods in the world and naturally anyone has access to most of them. Even if Western Union and Money Gram would seem like the most secure options as you do not have to put any private payment info when using them, I highly recommend Visa or Mastercard. Why is that? Simple! If anything goes south you can always count on your bank to fix the problem and return your payment.

The company can ship packages worldwide free of charge. This free delivery option is available just for registered mail shipping which can take about 15-45 business days. If you are not willing to wait that long then you can pay extra and choose a more speedy delivery. The available options are EMS for $13 and the estimated delivery time is 9-13 working days or Fedex, DHL, UPS for $35 with an estimated delivery time of 4-7 working days. No matter what shipping option you select, your package will be sent with a tracking option.


On the website it says that refunds can be offered, but it does not say how many days you have to return the products. It only mentions the conditions of the refund process: you have to pay processing, shipping and transaction fees. To return the replicas you first need to contact the company by email and request the address where to send them back, you also need to add the Chinese version of the address on the returned parcel, the returned package must have a tracking number, if the package is lost or if there are no tracking updates then this is your problem. The company does not take any responsibilities for these situations. All the return costs will be supported by the customer. Also, the website does not say if there is a repairs warranty.

Domain registered: China

Pictures: I like the fact that this merchant understands and appreciates the value of really nice product photos. All of its replica watches have some of the most clear and professional pictures I have seen online. You can clearly tell that these are not of the original products, but professional studio photos that show its actual replica merchandise. Each product displays about 10 high quality images that show numerous different angles of the watches, with focus on details such as logos, lettering, serial numbers and craftsmanship. I am highly impressed with the quality of these images.

Customer service: Youpopularwatch.net can be contacted by email, contact form and chat. The chat option is one of my favorite communication channels. I have always believed that being able to chat with a customer support operator in real time is able to bring you more answers regarding the liability and degree of services the company provides compared with the other traditional communication ways. Still, having this very useful communication option cannot make me ignore the fact that the company does not have a contact phone number and that the email address it uses is a very unreliable and unprofessional Gmail account.

Summary: In so many ways, Yopopularwatch.net seems to be the perfect replica store where to shop for high quality imitation timepieces. It offers flexible payment options, free delivery, nice product pictures, affordable prices and a wide range of models from the most famous watch brands in the world. If you want to order one of its replicas, just make sure that you contact the company first and establish all the details regarding its refund and repairs warranty. Better to be safe than sorry!

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