A lot of people can’t determine the difference between a genuine Rolex Green Dial Submariner 116610LV and a replica. This is because many high quality counterfeit ceramic Rolex Submariners were produced, making it even harder to spot the real one from the fake. So here are a number of things that could help you spot the difference between a fake and the real deal.

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Serial Numbers

The serial numbers of genuine Rolex watches are engraved deeply into the metal. However, fake Rolex watches often have it just etched. At the same time, the serial numbers can be found between the lugs, where the band is connected to the case. This can be seen at the 6 o’clock side.

At the 12 o’clock side, the model number can be found, which is typically denoted by a text that states “Orig Rolex Design” and followed by the number below it. Thus, you have to remove the band if you want to view the number. A pushpin or tiny paper clip is required to remove the pin that holds the band in place.

authentic rolex submariner watch with green dial

Authentic Submariner


 The movements of the Rolex watch are mechanical and self-winding, in contrast to quartz or battery-powered models. Moreover, there is an engraving of the brand into them, but the placement will differ depending on the piece.

If you are going to check it yourself, you might get a bit confused because Rolex is firm on the idea that only brand certified watchmakers can access the movement.

fake rolex submariner dial and inner bezel

The Text

You should know that the printed text you can see in any genuine Rolex watch has an exquisitely fine appearance. This means that you can never see any blur, splotch, or unevenness. So you can clearly see any inconsistent spacing in front or any ink bleeding due to cheaper printing methods.

The Cyclops

The Cyclops is actually a magnifying lens that makes the date on the face of any Rolex watch larger to the viewer. It actually provides 2.5 times magnification of the actual size.

You can check if this is a genuine Rolex Submariner if you can see the date without the magnifying lens by holding it sideways. The moment you doubt whether there is a difference or not when you look at it straight on, then it is probably a fake.


 There is a difference between a watch that is waterproof and one that is just water resistant. Take note that majority of the Oyster line of Rolex watches are able to withstand the pressure up to 100 meters underwater. When you notice that it stopped working while you are out there swimming, then perhaps you own a fake Rolex. The Submariner, on the other hand, can withstand up to a thousand feet or 300 meters underwater.


 The weight of the genuine Rolex Submariner watch is heavier compared to its replica. You can determine how your Rolex watch should weigh by searching online for its official weight to its last milligram. So if your model is a bit lighter than it should be, then you might want to stop wearing it for now.

Replica rolex submariner ceramic bezel


 The caseback of most Rolex watches are plain with no engravings, drawings, stickers or decorations. Some rare models like the Sea-Dweller may have the text “Gas Escape Valve” being written on its titanium back.

If you see a transparent caseback of your Rolex Green Dial Submariner allowing you to view the inner workings of the watch, then you are looking at a fake. Of course, some very rare pieces of the Rolex from the 1930s could be an exception but not the Submariner.

Crown Etching

 The crown etching below the 12 o’clock position is easy to replicate even for replicas. However, the tiny crown logo etched below the 6 o’clock position is so small it would take a magnifying glass to see it clearly. This makes it hard for counterfeiters to make a fake one with such a tiny mark of excellence.

The Hands

 Your Rolex Green Dial Submariner should have its second hand running smoothly as it rotates around the face. If you see it jerking with its tick, then it’s probably a fake. This is because the movement of the Rolex comes in high precision as it is broken down into 8 micro-ticks per second. This makes it look like a continuous motion. Moreover, there should be no audible ticking sound on a genuine Rolex watch.


This particular piece of engraving is located at the right side of the watch for setting the time. This should consist of a single metal piece as opposed to replicas having a couple of pieces glued together. The Daytona, Sea-Dweller, and Submariner have a Triplock crown featuring a gasket that seals off the watch from water. You can even see the O-ring when you fully unscrew the crown. Watch out for counterfeits because they also have similar looking gaskets, but they only serve to fool the buyer.


Your Rolex Green Dial Submariner should be able to change the date sharply at midnight. If it changes slowly or is more than 15 minutes off, then it is an indication that you bought a fake.

The Band

If you can see the bracelet or the band, it should lie straight when laid on a flat surface. Notice that it shouldn’t kink, even if link spacing could stretch or widen in time, as individual links should still fit together properly.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the pictures attached to this review, there is a color difference in fake watch bezel. Green color of Rolex Submariner replica dial looks spot on, but the bezel color is different shade of green.

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