The new Rolex Datejust II 116334 was first presented at BaselWorld 2009, but the world wasn’t quite ready yet for the leap from a 36mm to a 41mm case diameter. Fans were not very enthusiastic about this big change. They were already in love with everything about the classic Rolex Datejust and they did not take this upgrade well. Only after some time and extensive marketing efforts, Rolex aficionados started accepting the new version and its upsides.

Authentic Rolex DateJust

If you know a thing or two about Rolex watches then you are probably already aware that the Datejust is one of the longest produced models in the Rolex catalog. Initially launched in 1945, this watch enjoys over seven decades of successful aesthetic and functional evolution. The last step in its continuous upgrade was the augmentation of the case which translates into a more modern dress watch, thus making it more appealing to the contemporary man who values trends and style.

Nowadays, the Rolex Datejust II is as loved as the classic design. Even though the case is larger and bolder due to its smart construction it doesn’t feel heavy on the wrist. The unquestionable advantages of the augmented 41 mm case are the wider dial and the increased legibility. To appeal to a broader range of customers, the dial is available in a large choice of colors, hour markers and handsets. Also, the bezel can have a fluted or a smooth finish and its design allows it to effortlessly slide under a long sleeve. The sporty look of the Datejust II is preserved by using only the Oyster bracelet defined by the three-link construction. The 2.5x Cyclops lens is also present on the Rolex Datejust II 116334 portraying the iconic look of a stunning timepiece.

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Out of the plethora of Rolex designs, I have to be honest and admit that the DateJust II is my top favorite watch. It is smart but sporty, functional yet simple. It has all the things I adore in a timepiece. The large dial, sleek design, incredible durability and ability to turn heads- all of these are things that define it as a top pick for numerous watch fans, including myself. So it’s no wonder that one of my latest replica purchases is the one and only Rolex Datejust II 116334, a masterpiece of its genre. Below I will go through my thoughts and impressions about this knockoff so you can have a better idea on what separates a good replica from a horrible one.

The case

We have already established that the thing that was most scandalous about this modern version of the Rolex DateJust is the enlarged case which measures 41 mm in diameter. Well, I absolutely love the broader case as it looks more masculine and sporty than the old 36 mm one. Manufactured from solid stainless steel, the robust and perfectly weighted DateJust II case looks stunning on the wrist. I was nicely surprised to see that my replica has the same size, feels durable and sturdy just as the genuine watch. Even the fluted bezel and the winding crown are flawlessly cloned and it would practically be impossible to notice that these are fakes.

The dial

The dial looks very accurate too. I simply adore the big wide luminous hour markers and the large Rolex crown logo located at 12 o’clock. The design of the dial enhances legibility in any lighting conditions. Upon a closer look at the dial of my imitation DateJust II I was unable to find any differences that would suggest that the watch is a replica. It has the same “Rolex Oyster Perpetual” wording at 12 o’clock and the “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” at 6 o’clock. The silver hands are coated with luminescent material and have the same shape and size as the genuine ones.  Furthermore, the knockoff comes with a scratch proof sapphire crystal and the 2.5x magnifying lens over the date.

The movement

The Rolex DateJust II 116334 comes with the Calibre 3136 automatic movement, one of the most appreciated in house automatic mechanisms designed and constructed by Rolex. It is an upgraded perpetual movement that the brand had developed especially for the DateJust II. It is extremely accurate as it comes with a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and a Paraflex shock absorber. Everything about this automatic movement exudes perfection and accuracy. It is what every watch enthusiast dreams of. Of course, my DateJust replica doesn’t come with the same high end perpetual mechanism. Instead it is equipped with a 21 Jewels Japanese Miyota automatic movement. Sure, it is a fine quality replica mechanism, but it is far from being perfect. Until now, it has been keeping proper time and it hasn’t stopped while I was wearing it so I guess you could say I got what I’ve paid for.

The band

The only thing that I could say is a clear give away for the fact that my watch is a replica is the band. Rolex has produced the DateJust II 116334 only with a three-link bracelet called the Oyster bracelet. The DateJust, the original one, isn’t available with the Jubilee bracelet which has a five-link construction. Sadly, my replica came with the wrong style of band as it has the more elegant Jubilee bracelet that is representative for the DayDate. Obviously, the clasp is also wrong as the Jubilee has the hidden clasp that is more elegant and dressy whereas the DateJust II was supposed to have the classic Oyster lock clasp. If it wasn’t for the band then my replica Rolex would have truly been close to perfection.

The Rolex DateJust II is a very popular option on the market due to its sporty vibe and smart design. It is the ideal timepiece for those modern men who appreciate a classic design reinterpreted in a charming contemporary manner. Overall, I am quite happy with my replica. It looks and feels very authentic, plus it is equipped with an automatic movement which has proven to be quite reliable. The only thing that is off is the bracelet which is in the wrong style, but I have already ordered the right Oyster band so this minor flaw will soon be corrected and I will happily wear my Datejust II 116334 replica as often as I can.

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