Rolex Deepsea is the largest watch in Rolex collection to date. Although I don’t like bulky watches, this timepiece is one of my favorites Rolex watches. It’s pretty heavy, though! If you haven’t wore a big watch before, this can be a bit awkward until your wrist will gets used to the weight. After a while the watch will feel like it is perfectly sized and weighted on your wrist

Fake Rolex diver's watch with stainless steel band


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One of the major differences between authentic Rolex watch and my Rolex Deepsea replica is the gradient dial. 2018 edition genuine Deepsea watch has nice blue to black gradient dial, while my imitation has black dial without any gradient. The word “DEEPSEA” is correctly positioned and has the right green color font. Another problem is date display. The number is just not centered and aligned a bit to the left of the center of date window.

black Rolex replica deepsea watch


The bezel of this Deepsea imitation watch looks like it’s made from ceramic, but the markings are not as deep and “crisp” as on authentic Rolex. I was relieved to get my knockoff with this kind of bezel. I was very afraid to get one with simple aluminum ring bezel – this would be a dead giveaway.

fake ceramic bezel of Rolex watch


The case is a bulky 44 mm in diameter and also very thick. This Rolex replica watch features helium escape valve at 9 o’clock position on the side of the case and the winding crown with rubber o-ring. The store I bought it from warned me not to dive with this diving watch. Their warranty doesn’t cover any water damage, so swimming is also out of the question.

gas escape valve button


Oysterlock clasp was copied to perfection from the outside, however there is no micro-adjustment system. If one wants to shorten the band length, the only way to do it is to unscrew the screws and take off one or two links.

engravings on inside of the clasp


Authentic Rolex Deepsea comes with Perpetual Calibre 3235. Rolex states that patented Chronergy escapement and Parachrom hairspring features of this mechanism makes the watch resistant to magnetism and mechanical shocks. My replica does come with automatic movement, but there are no markings on it, so there is no way to tell where or by whom it was manufactured. But hey, the watch is pretty accurate and the second hand sweeps smoothly and I don’t really care if it’s Swiss, Japanese or Chinese made mechanism. Power reserve is decent, approximately 30 hours.

solid stainless steel back case cover

Although this replica looks very impressive and you might not spot the differences at first glance, the fact that blue dial gradient is missing and the date alignment flaw are too obvious mistakes. Can’t recommend.

Blue Gradient in MissingDate Alignment is Off
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