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Rolex has had many interesting collaborations and themes when it comes to their collection some being received more than other. One of the most successful collections is the Oyster Submariner, a watch that is specially designed for divers, a watch that celebrates Rolex’s passion for the water world.

The watch has a 40 mm case, making it a perfect size for any wrist, big or small. It is finished with an impeccable stainless steel and can come with several dial colors. It is considered one of the best diver watches in history not only due to its amazing technical features and endurance, but also because it is a beautiful watch, one that became popular even with people who never used the watch while diving.

The watch has a 60 year history, appearing for the first time in the early 1950’s. It was the first water-resistant watch to be able to withstand dives to depths of 100 meters. Since that time, Rolex has greatly improved the technology and materials behind the watch, creating a more durable watch that can reach depths of over 300 meters. However, in this case it isn’t the technical qualities that made the Submariner such a huge success. The simple elegance and beautiful design are the key features that made it one of the most beloved watches ever released by Rolex.

Black Submariner Replica (3)

Such a beautiful watch with such a rich history is bound to come with a hefty price tag. This can make it hard for some people to purchase the watch. A replica is a great alternative for the watch enthusiast that was charmed by the Submariner’s looks and history, especially if it is a quality replica.

Black Submariner Replica (5)

Here we have two watches that will challenge even the best of Rolex experts when it comes to telling them apart. The details on the replica are so precise that there is basically nothing to distinguish it from the original watch other than the highly reduced price tag.

Black Submariner Replica (6)

The bezel, case and crown are almost identical being placed in exactly the right place and looking the part. The dial is also identical with everything from the watch numbering to the classic Rolex logo to the hour, minute and seconds hands. They are identical even down to the Submariner writing on the dial, where the maximum 300 meter depth is specified.

Black Submariner Replica (4) Black Submariner Replica (1)

The belt is also spot on with the three piece linked pattern being exactly the same as on the original. Like the original Submariner, the replica is finished in a polished stainless steel that will increase its aesthetic value as well as its durability.

Black Submariner Replica (2)



  1. Hi. coud you please tell me where you got these replicas from? thanks

    • Hi Tony, I’ve got it here

      • Hi, so how long could these replica work well for before it starts falling apart ? Do you have any recommended sites that i could get a high grade Rolex Sub and an Omega Speedmaster ?


        • Quality replica will work for ~2 years. If you buy one with gold plating and wear it every day – the gold will start peeling off in ~1 year. Fakes that hold up the longest I’ve purchased from here.

          • How can one contact them? I have tried to order based on the recommendation on this site and they do not respond to messages. The number listed on their site is discontinued.

          • Hi Charles,
            I always talk to them through email. Maybe their reply get into your spam folder?

      • Hi. Just checked the images provided by the site you recommend and the ones posted on perfectwatches. They are identical except the one with the watch on the hand. And of course the watermarks. The prices are identical as well. Do you have any idea if it’s the same seller?

        • Hi Cristian,
          I think you’re right. It seems like these stores have same owner.

      • Hi. The images on the website you recommend are identical with the ones on (except one and except the watermarks). Do you have any idea if they are the same seller?

      • hello Admin, please help me i placed my order and it gave me my order number and trade number i was wondering how long it takes for the money to be pulled from your bank account and when do you get a email saying everything is all set!!!? i havent gotten a response from anyone and i am just looking for an answer if you could help that would be great!!!

        • Hi Mike,
          I got confirmation email in 2 days and the watch was shipped 4 days after order was placed.

  2. Did you purchase the Swiss time piece?

    • Hi Mark, no I get cheaper Japanese version.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Good Morning , i am looking for something different please can you help me to find the best replica site for ( Rolex Datejust Swiss Mechanism ) they use Swiss part as i understand can you help me in that . i find it in
    it cost 625 $ and i find also in
    it cost about 360 $ price is to good . can you help me in that and what the diffrent between the 2 sites .

    Best Regards .

    • Hi Faisal, 360$ looks much more attractive than 625$. Especially for the same looking watch. Here is a funny thing though, the watch looks too similar! Hey, even the sites look very similar. But perfectwatches has detailed images of the product while eepursevaley doesn’t. I wouldn’t recommend buying from site that doesn’t offer good quality detailed pics. If you decide to go with eepursevaley – make sure you 1) ask them for REAL pictures of the watch, including movement image and 2) pay with credit card, so you can dispute the payment if the watch is not good and they don’t want to refund/exchange
      Good Luck and please send me images of the watch after you receive it.

  4. I’m looking for a high quality, Submariner replica. How do you rate

    Who do you recommend?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Pete, site doesn’t load. I’ve got great submariner from this store.

  5. Do you know if that actual quality of the watch changes on or is it just the movement? I have several great replicas from the site, but have never pulled the trigger on a Swiss.

    • I didn’t notice any major difference on the outside. If the mechanism type is not big deal for you, then it doesn’t worth $400 extra.

  6. Dear Sir,

    What do you think about this one Rolex Deepsea-rl170, from and this one, ULTIMATE DEEPSEA, from rolex-sea-deller-deep-sea-stainless-steel-automatic-watch-5atm-waterproof253191.html ? According to the photos on their websites, the latter looks more real than the former. But the price 500 something is way too much for a replica. I’d appreciate your advice. Thanks!

    • Hi, these watches look more or less the same to me. Qualitywatchesdepot’s Deepsea is more expensive because it comes with Swiss made movement. So if mechanism is more important to you than the delta in price, you should probably go with the latter.
      Ask them why image watermarks don’t match their domain name.

  7. Is there a big difference between swiss and asian rep? I am after a rolex sub black face. Which is the best I can get? I want it to be as close as possible in everyway

    • Hi Steve, the main difference between Swiss and ‘Japanese’ fakes is the mechanism. Swiss replica should have Swiss made ETA mechanism and ‘Japanese’ knockoff has Chinese movement. There is no big difference in appearance though.

  8. I would like to know if the Rolexes from have the laser etched rolex symbol by the 6 oclock position. also ive been reading a lot of reviews on pw and it seems they have a problem with the paint coming off the bezel. Here is a review I found on the site. Please tell me your experience with receiving it and if the same happened to you.

    By The honest and brutal truth

    from Korea
    Verified Buyer

    Comments about Rolex Submariner Black Ceramic Tachymeter Black Dial 98235:

    Overall the fake rolex is quite impressive, you can tell that there is attention to details.

    The much touted ceramic bezel however is quite a disappointment – if you look at the attached picture, you can see that the 9 and 11 o’clock white markings have come off! This despite the fact that I have taken extreme care of the watch when wearing it. Obviously the adhesion between the markings and the ceramic bezel is poor. I think should look into this quality issue as I am sure others would have encountered the same problem.

    I would like to know if is going to offer an exchange for the aluminium bezel version, because clearly what I have highlighted is a quality control issue.

    Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    Images shared by The honest and brutal truth

    Image Thumbnail

    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

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  9. Hi, i wish you could help me finding the best rolex Dssd replica.. I looked at the replica websites and there are sooooo many different versions and prices.. What do u think of this one? Or u know anything better than that?

    I would really appreciate ur help



    • Hi Hassan,
      Their images look amazing, and according to warranty page they do offer refund/replacement in case there is a problem with your order. So this site looks trustworthy.
      Please let me know how good is their watch after you receive this fake Deepsea Rolex.

  10. Hi,
    If you have to buy one Rolex Submariner rep. and one Panerai rep. Which website you will pick (by quality)

    and what do you think about price is very high (you can buy authentic TAG) what’s different

    thank you so much

    • Hi,
      Quality wise, I recommend this website. – this site isn’t working.
      In my opinion ANY authentic TAG Heuer timepiece is better than the best knockoff on the market.

  11. Hi,

    I am looking into buying this Tag heuer watch which i saw from Could please help me with trustful site i can use. I’m looking into quality and the watch movement mechanism. Carrera > Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 17 RS2 or RS3 Chrono Swiss Valjoux 7750 .

  12. DO you have an option to pay by Paypal?

  13. Hey,

    Please tell me if the payment is safe and how long will it take to arrive in Brussels?

    • Hello,
      Yes, this is pretty good store. I don’t know their shipping conditions to Brussels.

  14. Hello,do u know this site please?thanks

    • It looks like a good site. The pictures look good and the prices are just right (if they are too low it means that you will get junk product and if they are too high it means you’re overpaying).

  15. I want to report scam replica watch site. If its possible, can you post it? watchesway . com <- this watch site is a scam. I ordered $100 worth watch, and they mislead me to buy higher product, saying that they do not have it in the store! their customer service is even gmail account teamcustomerservice2u@gmail
    After I paid higher money, they never contacted me, ignoring my email. When I send the different account, they are very responsive. Scam website. Please do not get scammed from this website

  16. Hi, I was wondering if you’ve heard of Looking to buy a Swiss movement IWC, so I understand the price should be higher, but not 100% sure of quality. What do you think? Thanks

    • Hi Tim,
      You’re absolutely right. It’s very hard for me to believe that they sell replicas with Swiss mechanism for as low as $270, on top of that they offer FREE shipping. When you get to payment page you discover that you get additional 15% discount if you pay by Western Union payment. Guess what – it’s the only available payment option 🙂
      I wouldn’t advise to pay via Western Union, at least not for your first order from a merchant, because there is no way to demand refund if order won’t arrive, or the watch will be low quality, or whatever…
      You can only kindly ask from the seller to refund and it’s up to the seller if he will send money back or not.

  17. Hi:) do you konw if it is safe to buy from ? Im looking into buying a Breitling Navitimer:) Thanks.

    • It’s a first time I see replica store explaining how they check quality of their watches mechanism, which is great! Return policy states “All returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee and $30 return fee.”, which is not very fair.
      In my opinion, watches are very expensive, for sure above average Swiss replica cost. They do accept credit card payments, so for sure it’s not fly-by-night store.

      • Can we work together? We are top replica watches seller, we have website. If recommend our website on your website good position and get orders. You and us enjoy the benifit

  18. Hi – thanks for the reviews and direction. Looking to get a replica based on your information.

    Do you know if i’d need to pay any tax/ duties for getting the item shipped into the UK?


    • Hi Adam,
      I don’t know how much they charge for shipping your parcel to UK, but there are no customs duties.

  19. Is there a decent submariner replica that you can recommend that is indeed wearable while swimming (waterproof)?

    • Hi Clark,
      High grade replicas do come with rubber sealing around winding crown threads and under back cover, but still they don’t recommend to swim or dive with the watch. They don’t cover it in their warranty.
      So to address your question – fakes are not waterproof.

      • i wanted to know if you recommend me to pay via western union so i can get the discount… its my first time buying a replica ,also wanted to ask u if u have dea of how long it would take for the watch to be delivered here to houston texas and if i have to pay any duties and taxes… thanks

        • Hi Francisco,
          I wouldn’t recommend to pay by Western Union for your first order at any site. Most of the sites send orders by EMS and it takes between 5 and 10 days fro delivery from China to USA. I never was required to pay customs taxes.

  20. Hi,

    I’m looking on buying the SUBMARINER 116613 BP MARKER A2824 NEW BEZEL INSERT from the website for $268 do you think it’s a good buy vs good replica…

    Do you know which website offer a better replica version of that model without paying in the $600 … I’m willing to spend in the $400 .

    Thank you

  21. Hi ,

    I’m think of getting the SUBMARINER 116613 BP MARKER A2824 NEW BEZEL INSERT on in for $268; is it a good replica vs the price?

    Do you know which website we can find a better replica version of that specific model without paying $600 in willing do pay around $400.

    Thank you

    what u think about this one?
    what about the best submariner?

  23. Hi, if i buy the cheaper version, not the Swiss Eta, will the seconds hand movement like the original ? Usually fake rolex have a bad seconds hand movement easily spottable as fake.

    • Hi Ema,
      Yeah, cheaper version replicas second hand is not as smooth as the ones with Swiss ETA movement.

  24. Hi. Do you know, what are the noticeable differences between the Swiss mechanism replica Rolex’s listed and a genuine timepiece, from super

  25. Hello opinon have site?, this site ensures that the replicas are expensive but guarantee sealing clock underwater use sapphire and steel with similar quality to the original

    • Hi Juan,
      Swiss Time site prices are way too expensive, but the site looks super professional, with clear return policy, beautiful images and functional customer service.

  26. Thank you for all this valuable info. Which model is harder to spot as fake by just looking at it by an expert or a regular user and where would you buy it? Thank you

    • Hi Harry,
      Submariners are very good replicas, also most of Panerai imitations. As a rule of thumb, stick with lest complicated watches and you can’t go wrong. The more design details or movement complications the watch has – the more difficult it is to replicate to perfection.
      This store sells very accurate replica watches.

  27. I want to buy a replica submariner that it does not have any differences in any aspect with the real one. First of all I want to tell me if it is possible. Secondly I found a site named best replica that sells replica watches. Is anyone have experience with this site their prices are very expensive. I found that submariner for 1250€ should I buy it?

  28. As I inquired the Breitling watches I saw the the sub-dials are nore close to the original. Not even for the more expensive watches.
    I think that is sad and waist of money.

  29. On goodwatches does the hands tick or do they slide? I was thinking about purchasing a Rolex datejust

    • On good replicas the second hand is sweeping (more continues movements than ticking)

  30. Hi, has anyone ordered from this site before, I am looking to buy a rolex and very hard to choose a site and wanting swiss movement and not pay over the odds in price. I am based in the UK also.

  31. I have just received my order of a Rolex SeaDweller and an AP Shaq ltd edition and I can truthfully say they are superb!!

    The Rolex is astonishing! You never know what to expect from these companies and its very difficult to find a trustworthy seller! I can assure you this company is Legit!! I would not use anyone else after receiving my order!

    • Hi, looks nice. Did you get the Swiss Eta? If not how is the second hand movement?

  32. hi could you please recommend a good website that sells replica Rolex Daytona’s please? thanks.


  33. Hi, I’m looking for a high quality replica Rolex Air King 5500. Only one I’ve found so far is on for $142.99 do you know of any other good ones or does this one seem ok?

    • If you order from LuxuryWatchesShops, my advice is to ask for actual watches pictures. What they show on site are images of genuine timepieces. For example Cartier Tank Anglaise W5310004 images are taken from

  34. please can someone explain the main differences between the swiss movement watches and the china ones please? do the china ones fall to bits after a while? does it really matter? how long will they last?

  35. Hi any feedback about

  36. Do you know or recommend this site?

    Thank you

    • Hi Rod,
      I don’t know this site. I don’t buy watches from stores that mainly sell bags.

  37. Hi.

    I am looking to buy a rolex sub and came across this one online

    I am keen to buy but don’t want to be robbed from the website. I have not been able to find any reviews of the website so am a bit stuck. Hope you can help!


  38. Hay
    is that site is a scam?

    and is that watch is reliable?

    • Yes, it’s a nice looking watch with excellent mechanism.

  39. Does the day if the week get stuck in mid rotation when it hits around midnight? Or does the day if the week instantly switch right at midnight like the real ones?

    • The date changes instantly.

  40. hi there, i wanna buy a ladies Rado . what would be the best site/

  41. Hi I want to buy a Rolex sea dweller as a present,can you please advise which replica site for quality and price? As I’ve never bought a replica before I’m worried it will fall apart.

    • Hi Eileen,
      I don’t own a Sea Dweller, but Submariner from this store is the best replica I have.

  42. Hello,

    It seems that all the replicas state that they are not waterproof. Is there any that can handle washing your hands, swimming, taking a shower etc? seems they all claim to be identical in weight,size movement and 2.5x mag but why cant they waterproof them? I can buy a $100 watch that is waterproof to at least 100m…

    • Hi Frank, you’re right. I never saw a replica site offering warranty for water damage. As you can see from multiple articles on my site, I owe quite a few replica watches. Some of them are holding on really good even after coming in contact with water (shower), others broke down after being in rain. Frankly I am surprised they don’t test it for waterproofness.

      • How has your replica Rolex Submariner held up with contact to water? I would assume that their claims to god warranties on replicas that come into contact with water is in essence to protect themselves. As a personal consumer, how has your replica held up with contact to water (rain/hand washing) not complete submersion?

        • This replica is great. I love it so much that I afraid to test and put it under water, but it had no problem with rain or water splashes while washing my hands.

      • What are your top two replica sites to purchase from? in other words which site did you purchase from where you’ve had your best luck with water resistance? and quality?

        • So the first link where you got your Submariner seems to be Japanese movement only. Is this what you purchased? Also have you purchased any TAG watches from this same store? if so how do you like them?

          • Yeah, I’ve got Japanese version. I don’t like paying over $500 for a knockoff even if the seller claims it comes with Swiss made ETA mechanism.. There are plenty of great genuine watches for this price range.
            I bought this Tag Heuer imitation from the same store.

  43. is a reliable seller to buy Rolex Submariner. swiss ETA 25 movement, ceramic bezel, 904L case. price about us489. what is your opinion

    • They pictures look good and prices are reasonable. Movement image is not very clear, but it looks like they indeed use 7750 valjoux. I never purchased anything from that site so can’t tell you for sure how good their products/services are.

  44. Hi what store do u recommend to buy a rolex replica & a tag replica.
    Also can you tel me what is a fair price for a swiss movement replica for both rolex & tag & which store should i buy from ?

    • This store sells quality replicas, but I would recommend cheaper Japanese versions over more expensive Swiss imitations. Price for Swiss replica watches is so high (~$550), that for this price you can buy very decent genuine watch.

      • so ive been doing research on / Island watches and i looked up there ip address and saw where they claimed the business was compared to where they want you to send the money if you pay western union. I went as far as placing my order and sending the money western union but backed out because as soon as i sent the money in minutes their website went down on my phone and laptop and it just made me nervous. I want my replica submariner to be laser engraved on the crystal above the 6 mark with the crown, i want a smooth second hand, i want the rolex rolex along with a serial number engraved in between the crystal and the face(the rehaut) i want the band to be accurate to the watch, i want a decent 3135 movement swiss or japanese, i want it to be as accurate as possible and will pay more than average for this. Can you help? I found a site called that has a huge selection of submariners of all ages, makes, movements, ect… more options and pictures then any other site ive ever seen and you can tell the pics are real because the times on the watches are always different in the pics, but just like the other sites they have no way to call and speak with someone and they all want to give you 20-30% off for paying by Western Union, but I they will except other forms of payment. The 3 most common things to look out for on a site that might be scammers is no contact info, all the pics show the same time on the watch face i think it 10:10 because they are taken from other real rolex sites and the western union theme. Am I asking for too much? What sight do you recommend and have you looked at I want a box and paperwork with the watch, i want the full meal deal lol. I would appreciate your opinion Admin, thank you

  45. Hi,

    So the only website for buying rolex watch is only I tried to go on your “this store/place” links but it always takes me back to your website. The watches you recommend are pretty cheap and my question is. Do they have crystal sapphire glass? I found this website selling expensive but claiming to be best of the best replicas. What do you think about them?

    Many Thanks

  46. hi for the website you recommend for rolex, whats the difference between their 170 and 190 price submariner?

  47. I got this watch 1 month ago. So far so good. It’s accurate, looks and weights like real deal.

  48. Hallo.

    I searching for best quality replic Rolex daytona with Diamond and gold. With website do you recommend. Thank you:)

  49. I placed my order for this submariner on September 10th and received the package on September 20th. Sent the money with Western Union to get additional 20% discount. The watch is really well replicated and it fooled all my friends. Now they think I’m rich 🙂

  50. This knockoff watch looks great and runs well, keeping the time overnight without a problem if you wear it on daily basis.

  51. I’ve got this watch right after Christmas. Outstanding attention to details. Nobody can tell any difference between my replica and real watch.

  52. Was all set to give up on until I read your page. Do you think they’re the best quality? Looking for weight and finish

  53. What about these. They are pricey.

    • Too pricey, if you ask me.

  54. Hello
    I purchased a watch through Is this a legitimate source for a Rolex replica watch? It has been five weeks since ordering. I have not received the watch yet.
    Thank you.

  55. Has anyone bought the hulk? If so, does it shine on different angles with different lighting?

  56. Hi Admin,

    Have you reviewed ? If so, can you share a link for your review? If not, can you give me your opinion?

    • Their product photos are awesome and prices are fare. But their return/refund policies are too strict. Practically there is no way to receive refund, even if you return the watch.

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