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If there is one thing I know about watches is that the pricier they are the more we want them. There is no point in denying the irresistible attraction that a Rolex, Omega or Tag Heur piece has on us. It is that kind of watch that makes a statement no matter the crowd. At work, at a dinner party, at a club or at a rendezvous this watch gets your full attention immediately. A magnet for the gals and a reason for everyone’s envy at social events; it is the watch everyone is talking about. Naturally, the brand name comes with a crazy price, one that not everyone can afford. But as our love for beautiful watches doesn’t have limits we find ourselves considering the idea of buying a replica instead. And why not, if it looks, work and feels the same as the genuine watch, but costs only a fraction of its price?

A good watch is a good watch no matter how much it costs and this is just how wants to impress us, with high quality replica watches at affordable prices. Unfortunately the message fails to be delivered to us because the thing that we notice first, the website, makes a terrible impression. It is very ugly designed. Everything about its aesthetics speaks of a lack of attention and care for details, professionalism and reputability. The homepage is designed with white and blue, the company’s logo is stretched and pixelated, the medium size banner is of very poor quality and the layout is common looking.

The usability of the site is fairly good as there are two menu bars. One is located on the upper part of the screen and it includes buttons for two of the most popular brands- Rolex and Omega- and the second menu bar is on the left and it lists numerous famous watches designers, about 17 of them. Enough to get your attention and satisfy your impulse of buying a new replica watch. The really neat thing about these knockoffs is that every category includes hundreds of different models. Luckily for us these are organized into collections that are named the same as the original collections. This makes browsing smoother, but I can’t help but notice that and Advanced Search option would have been really useful here. carries both Swiss and Japanese replica watches. The Japanese replica watches are the most affordable ones and come with a 21 jewels Miyota automatic movement. These cost between $99 and $200. The Swiss replica watches are pricier. These range between $250 and $650 and are equipped with a 25 jewels Eta self-winding mechanism. It goes without saying that the Swiss imitation watches are the best quality available on the market. Not only are these more durable and precise, but also more authentic looking.

I can’t deny, this website has numerous detailed images for every replica watch it sells, but the biggest concern about these photos is that they are definitely not property of These weren’t taken in their studio and most likely do not represent the products they are selling. The pictures displayed on the page are copied from at least 3 different sources and feature the name of a different website This should make you wonder if what you see on the site is what you are actually going to receive. Chances are that the delivered product will be considerably different.

store page with rolex GMT watch

To see how good these watches are I thought about comparing the photos of a replica with the one of the real deal to see what aesthetic differences there are. The conclusion is shocking. A fake Rolex Submariner with Black Dial and Blue and Red bezel replica got my attention and you will soon find out why. This watch was displayed on, but the thing is that Rolex never made a Submariner with a “Pepsi” bezel. Rolex offers this unique color combo bezel only for the GMT Master II. So no matter how authentic the watch may look it is a terrible replica because this watch does not exist. The authentic company never manufactured it. So the conclusion is that these watches are not that good even if at first glance they seem to be.

genuine gmt master watch picture

When you place an order on this online store you have two choices for paying and these are Visa and Mastercard. The thing about these payment options is that they are not as secure as one may think. Usually, card payments are the most secure ways of placing your order over the Internet, but in this case the information you are entering on the page isn’t protected because the page doesn’t have the https which means it is not encrypted and anyone can hack it and access your data. This is why in this case offering the choice of using Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire would have been really great.

Even though delivers its replica watches all over the world, its shipping policy isn’t entirely satisfactory for us online shoppers because there is a delivery fee. For instance, shipping to USA costs $15 and it isn’t done by FEDEX or UPS, but by EMS. The usual delivery time is 10 business days and a tracking number is provided. Of course, if you want to receive your package sooner you can contact the store and ask them if it is possible to pay extra to receive it in 3-5 business days. Unfortunately, a faster shipping options isn’t available as their warehouse is located in China.

I find it outstanding that this company does not accept returns if you simply do not like the products or if you have changed your mind about it. You can send a product back for refund or exchange only if they have sent you the incorrect item. Also when you return a product (and it is their fault for this) you need to pay a 15% restocking fee in order to get a refund. For exchanges there is no restocking fee. And let’s not forget that the shipping back fee needs to be paid by the customer as well.

Even more unbelievable than their return policy is their customer care. The thing about these very important services that should be provided by every online company is that you can reach the merchant only by email at a very unprofessional and unreliable Gmail account. There is no option of getting a hold of their agents by chat or phone number. This makes it so much difficult for us to contact the store when we have an urgent problem and we all know how important is to be able to reach an Internet shop in a fast and easy manner.

I don’t know about you, but my opinion is that is not that good as it wants us to think. This online store fails to convince me that it is a reputable company due to its unfair return policy, insecure payment options and unreliable product pictures. The only tempting things about this company are its affordable prices, large selection of replica watches and worldwide delivery.

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It appears that there is a king of watches out there and it’s not your average royalty, but a very bold replica online store that invites us to buy its supposedly high quality fake timepieces at more earthly prices. Considering the exaggerated price tag on original watches it is easy to understand why most people would fall for these promises. The thing is that you can’t believe everything you are told, especially online. You have to check it out by yourself and the best way to do this is by knowing what to pay attention to. Below I will tell you a little bit about the recent discovered king of replica watches- I will review this online store and expose all its pros and cons. Keep reading to find out more!

The design of the homepage doesn’t tell us that much about this company except for the fact that it’s not the most professional or friendly looking website on the block. Everything is pretty simple and rudimentary. It’s that kind of site that even though it looks ok it doesn’t leave an impression on you. The thing that saves it is the intuitive design. The menu bar has a drop down list for every category and this helps a lot with the whole browsing process. In a couple of seconds you get right to the product section which interests you.

There are actual two menu bars on the website. One is located on the top side of the screen and it includes buttons for the special categories like New, Features and All whereas the left side menu bar has all the available brands. And I got to tell you, this website carries a shockingly long list of watches designer names. Here you will pretty much find all the replica watches that interest you, no matter if these were made by traditional watchmakers like Rolex, Omega, Breitling or fashionable designers like Versace, Swarovski or Ferrari.

This online store carries hundreds and even thousands of different models for every brand. The great thing is that these brands are organized into sub-categories, but when you are dealing with thousands of items this just won’t cut it. Sure, an Advanced Search option or even a regular price filter would have been a real life saver, but it seems that the company doesn’t see it this way. Such option of sorting the products isn’t available on the page which makes browsing a real head ache.

In its wide and diversified collection we find both Swiss and Japanese replica watches. The Japanese replica watches cost about $100 to $200 whereas the Swiss ones are $200-$300. The huge price difference is due to the superior quality that Swiss fakes are supposed to have. A knockoff that is equipped with a 25 jewels ETA automatic mechanism is supposed to be more precise, durable and offer the same functions as the genuine watch. Also, this kind of watch looks more authentic.

The product pictures posted on this e-shop are horrible. First of all, the quality is very low. The images are too small and unclear. You can barely see all the important details of the watches’ design. Second of all, these are taken in at least two different studios and have different names watermarked on them. I honestly do not think that this company realizes how important it is to have decent photos taken in its own studio. My advice to you is to not order until you receive from the store actual pictures of the replica watch you are interested in buying.

What is the best way to tell if a replica watches merchant offers authentic looking products? Well, from my online adventures with buying fake timepieces I can tell you for sure that comparison is your best option. Simply take some photos of the real thing and some of the knockoff and start paying attention to everything, from the dial to the clasp. Everything counts. For instance, if we take a look at this Rolex Daytona Cosmograph we see that the dial is identical to the genuine one- the hour markers, the colors, the hands, the writing and the sub-dials. The same thing goes for the bezel. The only inaccuracies can be seen on the case and band. These are wrong. The case should be 18 k pink gold plated, but on the replica it is clearly yellow gold and Rolex never made this model in yellow gold. Regarding the strap, this should be black leather, but instead the replica has a black rubber band. All these details are very important and make it obvious for everyone that the watch is a poor quality fake.

The company uses three important shipping carriers and these are: DHL/Fedex/UPS, EMS Express Shipping and registered mail. The fastest one is DHL/Fedex/UPS which usually takes about 3-5 business days for a package to arrive, but it is also the most expensive one. It costs about $30 and a tracking number is provided. Then there is EMS delivery which has an estimated delivery time of 7-10 business days. This one costs $12 and it also comes with a tracking number that can be used to trace the package online. The third one is Regular mail which is the slowest and has a reference number that only shows that the package was dispatched. The delivery takes about 14 business days and its only advantage is that it is free of charge. accepts only credit card payments. The supported credit card types are Visa, Mastercard and JCB. Usually, I am pro credit card payments for online orders because honestly these are the most secure and reliable ways of paying on the Internet. But in this case I am hesitant about paying with my card on this site because the page where I am supposed to enter my information isn’t secure. You know, webpages that are secured for online transactions have the green https before the domain name. Well, this one doesn’t which means that anyone can hijack the info you are putting in.

There are many things I do not like at a replica watches online store, but one of these things has a special place in my list and this is not stating all its policies on the website. And it gets worst. Not only this merchant does not explain its return and repairs policies, but its Shipping and Return page is blank. Apparently, in its rush to crop a fairly decent looking website it forgot to copy paste some random text about what happens if you do not like the replica watch. Can you return it? Exchange it? And more importantly, if it breaks can you repair it?

I like the fact that the company pretends to have very good customer services. It has a chat button on the lower right side of the screen that is always offline and you can only leave a message. Then there is the US telephone number that doesn’t connect when you try to ring it and it is in contradiction with their Australian contact address. And finally we have the Gmail email address that is a very unprofessional way of answering your customer’s message. Any self-respecting online store should have a business email address that ends with its domain name.

As usual, an online replica watches store has its ups and downs. isn’t an exception. The company may have affordable prices, free worldwide delivery and a wide range of replica watches, but the fact that it doesn’t disclose its return policy, does not have professional customer services, quality product pictures and a secure payment page makes you seriously doubt its reputability. I, for one, wouldn’t trust it with my money.

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